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EU migration statistics, general election

What do the latest EU migration statistics mean for immigration?

In the run-up to the general election, legal experts Sophie Barrett-Brown and Miglena Ilieva discuss Conservative immigration promises with the latest EU migration statistics.
election process

How are mobile apps transforming the election process?

In this article, content creator Peter Davidson discusses how mobile apps are making a difference in the election process.
uk child poverty rate, social security

UK child poverty rate could increase under current government

A recent report outlines how Conservative social security promises would raise the UK child poverty rate to a record-breaking high.
LGBT equality manifesto, stonewall

Stonewall launches 2019 LGBT equality manifesto

Stonewall is urging voters to ask their candidates to commit to LGBT equality manifesto at the December general election.
ban political advertisements, cambridge analytica

Twitter will definitely ban political advertisements

Twitter announced that it will ban political advertisements beginning 15 November and Facebook remains defiant on the issue despite Cambridge Analytica.

Extend vote to 16-year-olds to make democracy open and fair, say AoC and NUS

Fair.Vote campaign brings together individuals and organisations from across the UK and politicians of all parties who believe that democracy should be open and fair

MPs participate in photocall at parliament to show support for Fair.Vote campaign

More than 30 MPs participated in a drop-in photocall session at Parliament last Wednesday (2 May 2018) to show support for the Private Member’s Bill launched by Peter Kyle MP, aiming to lower the voting age to 16
equal the voting age

Taking steps to equal the voting age across the UK

The Association of Colleges and the National Union of Students have launched a campaign which aims to equal the voting age across the UK to 16

Why public sector organisations must ‘Break the Boundaries’ in 2018

Georgina O’Toole, Chief Analyst at TechMarketView, explains why, in a digital environment, public sector organisations cannot afford to be insular TechMarketView’s recently published analysis of the UK public sector ICT market revealed a picture that can be viewed in the context of ‘micro’ trends and ‘macro’ trends. In our view, the...

Conservatives and DUP finally agree a deal

Following the snap General Election two weeks ago, the Prime Minister has revealed a deal has been struck between the Conservatives and DUP

Key legislative plans outlined in the Queen’s Speech

A total of 24 bills were proposed during the Queen’s Speech this morning, including eight relating to Brexit

Theresa May faces a hung parliament following shock defeat

In a surprising turn of events, Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a hung parliament and must now fight to form her government

Security dominates the General Election two days before polling

As the UK braces for yet another election it is the issue of security that is dominating both parties’ election campaign trails

IFS says election spending promises are not honest

Neither the Conservatives nor the Labour party are being forthcoming about election spending promises in their manifestos
Labour manifesto pledges £48.6bn funding for services

Labour manifesto pledges £48.6bn funding for services

Some £48.6bn worth of pledges have been put forward as part of the Labour manifesto and will fund a range of services
General Election expenses

Labour fined for failing to disclose General Election expenses

General Election expenses that were not disclosed after the General Election have come under scrutiny from the Electoral commission The Electoral Commission has fined the Labour party £20,000 for failing to declare all its expenses during the General Election, it has emerged. According to the commission, a number of receipts were...

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