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Bad water Basin - Dead Valley National Park at Sunset.

Salt caverns could be key to renewable energy and hydrogen storage

Salt caverns in the Earth could be key to harnessing renewable energy, urge researchers, who note that salt itself could aid hydrogen production.
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The potential of geothermal energy as a low-carbon source

Alex Hunter, CEO at Sherwood Power, argues that geothermal energy offers significant potential as a source of low-carbon energy, but there are challenges which must be addressed if the UK is to benefit.

From geothermal pioneering to energy independency

Iceland’s geothermal pioneering, argues Carine Chatenay, the Marketing Manager for Verkís, has paved the way for energy independence.
direct use of geothermal

Direct use of geothermal – there is more to geothermal than just power

Focus on geothermal resources is shifting and direct use of geothermal is receiving more and more attention.
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Geothermal energy in the clean energy transition

Aarthi JanakiRaman & Shrinivas Tukdeo from TechVision, Frost & Sullivan, tell us what we need to know about geothermal energy and its role in the clean energy transition.
renewable geothermal energy

Renewable geothermal energy: A climate champion

Gudlaugur Thór Thórdarson, Minister of the Environment, Energy and Climate in Iceland, discusses renewable geothermal energy, which in his opinion, is a climate champion for the clean energy transition.
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There is no “box” in geothermal resource utilisation – each case is unique

Iceland is at the forefront of energy transition and is seeking ways to become independent of fossil fuels via geothermal resource utilisation.
Shallow Geothermal Energy Systems,

Shallow Geothermal Energy Systems: A green way forward

Jordi Albacete, Communications Officer from the EU-project GEOCOND explains what we need to know about Shallow Geothermal Energy Systems towards a more sustainable future.
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Volcanic and geothermal systems on Earth

The Institute of Earth‘s Sciences and Nordic Volcanic Institute, University of Iceland The ultimate energy source of the Earth‘s interior or heat comes from the early days of the planetary formation and decaying of radioactive matter. If today’s society could be able to harvest this energy in an economic way,...

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