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Tractor cultivating field at spring,aerial view - EU green deal environmental commitments farmers

How can farmers deliver on EU Green Deal environmental commitments?

EU Green Deal environmental commitments require farmers across the EU to make significant changes in how they work – from reducing their carbon footprints to adopting more sustainable practices.
Heavy traffic on the streets of Paris, France

Cities can realise Europe’s climate ambitions

Ruud Schuthof and Holger Robrecht from ICLEI Europe, argue that cities have the power to realise Europe’s climate ambitions.
catalyst for the energy transition, energy crisis

The energy crisis as a catalyst for the energy transition

Thomas Kattnig, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, argues that the energy crisis is a catalyst for the energy transition.
european hydrogen economy, hydrogen

President von der Leyen pushes for European hydrogen economy

EU leaders push for the implementation of a European hydrogen economy, to replace reliance on Russian energy sources.
critical raw materials

Sustainability, critical raw materials and batteries

Dumitru Fornea, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, takes a look at sustainability, critical raw materials and batteries
European Bauhaus

What is the New European Bauhaus and how is it inspired by the 1919...

Rudolf Kolbe, co-rapporteur for the EESC opinion on the New European Bauhaus; member, European Economic & Social Committee (EESC); vice-president of the Diversity Europe Group (Group III), shares his thoughts on the New European Bauhaus.
supply of crude oil, energy sanctions

EU to drop Russian supply of crude oil “within six months”

The EU announced further energy sanctions on Russia, with supply of crude oil to be phased out "within six months".
fueleu maritime regulation, green deal

What is the FuelEU Maritime Regulation?

Constantine Catsambis, Rapporteur for the EESC opinion on FuelEU Maritime, explains how the FuelEU Maritime Regulation could improve the climate.
climate-neutral economy, pollution

EU Green Deal: Transformation towards a climate-neutral economy by 2050

The European Commission is modernising the Industrial Emissions Directive by updating the rules to transition towards a climate-neutral economy and fostering innovation against emissions.
organic waste, biogas

Unlocking organic waste to get to a greener future, sooner

Robert Dysiewicz, World Biogas Association Advisory Council Member discusses how the transition to a new era of waste management will align with a circular economy,
legislation on battery regulation, circular economy in EU

EU Parliament adopts draft legislation on battery regulation

The draft legislation on battery regulation says electronic waste management is critical to a sustainable, circular economy in the EU.
green energy transition, heat pumps

District Heating in Europe’s Green Energy Transition

Carston Østergaard Pedersen, Asbørn Bjerregaard Ebbesen, and Rune Kaagaard Sørensen, at Grundfos, explain how district heating could aid Europe's green energy transition.
russian oil, eu russian energy

EU plans Green Deal “acceleration” to stop Russian oil dependency 

President von der Leyen said she would push "focused acceleration of the European Green Deal" to change existing EU dependency on Russian oil, coal and gas.
forest biome

Earths coldest forest biome is heating up

Northern Arizona University researchers have drawn attention to rising temperatures that are causing Earths coldest forest to shift northward.
competitive bioeconomy, European Green Deal

Advancing a competitive bioeconomy for a sustainable future

Philippe Mengal, Executive Director at CBE JU ‐ Circular Bio‐based Europe Joint Undertaking, charts the priorities for advancing a competitive bioeconomy in Europe for a sustainable future.
new proposals

The Commission’s new proposals for the European Green Deal

The European Commission has adopted three new proposals to stop deforestation, manage sustainable waste, making soils healthy for the environment, and promoting a circular economy.
energy storm, EESC

EU must gain global leadership to avoid the perfect energy storm

Alena Mastantuono, EESC Member, and Petr Zahradník, Economist, argue that the EU must gain global leadership to avoid the perfect energy storm
deforestation 2030, sustainable

World leaders agree to reverse deforestation by 2030

World leaders, including Brazil and China, have agreed to stop and reverse deforestation by 2030.
un report 2.7, global warming

UN report finds that global warming will rise by 2.7°

A UN report finds that richer countries will reduce emissions by 12% in 2030, but they need to make a cut of 45% by that time or global warming will rise to 2.7°.
Work Programme

European Commission 2022 Work Programme

The European Commission has set out its next steps towards building a greener, fairer and more digital post-COVID Europe with the 2022 Work Programme.

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