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first-time buyers

First-time buyer count hits decade high in 2017

2017 saw the highest number of first-time buyers since 2006 according to the UK Finance’s latest mortgage trends update Mortgage lending for first-time buyers, home movers and buy to let purchases all fell in December 2017 compared to the previous year. However, 2017 overall saw the highest number of first-time buyers...

Overcrowding is a growing concern according to The London Assembly

The London Assembly has called for a review of the London Housing Strategy as overcrowding becomes a growing issue A third of children in social housing and a quarter of children in private-rented accommodation live in overcrowded conditions. The London Assembly is concerned that without enough three and four-bedroom family-sized homes,...
smarter homes

Smarter homes for the elderly could save NHS and social care systems billions

Creating more modified homes could save the NHS and social care system over £2.5 billion a year according to a new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers The report, Healthy Homes: Accommodating an Ageing Population, calls for Government to introduce financial incentives for construction companies to build for older...
cost cap

London Assembly calls for £5,000 cost cap on landlord funding contribution

Assembly calls for Mayor to support the £5,000 cost cap in his Fuel Poverty Action Plan as an estimated million households are unable to heat their homes Around 9,000 people in the UK died last winter as a result of living in a cold home due to fuel poverty. A London...
property guardians

Property Guardians – second class renters?

Becoming a Property Guardian is no longer a life-style choice, but a necessity in an over-heated rental market Property Guardians (PGs) come from many different age groups, are often working and on modest incomes. Most PGs live a precarious existence. New research, carried out by York University for the London Assembly...
benefit cap

45,000 households move away from benefit cap and into employment

A study from the Office for National Statistics employment statistics, shows that 107,000 households are no longer limited due to the benefit cap, with 45,000 moving into full-time or part-time work The report also shows that a record high of 32.2 million people are currently in work in the UK. There...
green homes

Homes for people and wildlife- how to build green homes in a nature-friendly way

New guidelines published by The Wildlife Trusts show how new housing developments can be built in a way that provides people with green homes The government has recently committed to building a further 300,000 homes a year until 2022, meaning that about 36 square miles will be given over to...

Legal squatting solutions for property owners and landlords

Simon Broadbent, CEO of Secure Empty Property, advises how property owners or landlords can legally remove squatters from their commercial properties When the law that made squatting in residential properties a criminal offence was put into effect back in 2012, commercial properties have been put exponentially at risk. Now, while residential...
government property

Maximising the potential of your empty property portfolio

Stuart Woolgar, CEO of Global Guardians, discusses the implications and opportunities of the shrinking public sector estate The public-sector estate is shrinking as both the Government Property Unit (GPU), in tandem with municipal and other authorities, seeks to utilise property assets more efficiently and effectively. The way we work as a...
mining activities

Former mining activities could affect a third of residential properties

Data suggests that one third of properties in England and Wales are located within close proximity of historic mining activities Landmark Information's assessment of historical mining records found that in 95 of the 385 local authority areas, over 50% of residential properties were located within close proximity of former mining...
Warm Homes Fund

National Grid targets fuel poverty with Warm Homes Fund

National Grid to tackle fuel poverty across the UK with new £150m Warm Homes Fund Over 9,000, ranging from island cottages on Orkney to terraced houses in London, will benefit from the first payments of the National Grid Warm Homes Fund. The £150 million fund, which is supported by Affordable Warmth Solutions,...
living conditions

Asylum seekers in the UK endure ‘slum-like’ living conditions

Charities have said that asylum seekers in the UK are forced to put up with 'squalid' and 'unsafe' living conditions due to neglect
low-income tenants

Rents rising for low-income tenants

Low-income tenants have seen a rise in the proportion of their wages being spent on rent over the last 20 years, as revealed by new data
homelessness in london

The problem of ‘hidden’ homelessness in London

A new report reveals the extent of homelessness in London and the 'hidden homeless' who do not receive adequate help from authorities A new report into homelessness in London reveals that there are 13 times more 'hidden homeless' people than those sleeping rough, around 12,500, with around 225,000 young Londoners having...
digital housing services

Councils fail to deliver user friendly digital housing services

Socitm has raised concerns about the usability of council digital housing services, warning many are falling short of the requirements needed

Opportunity knocks

Annys Darkwa, Managing Director of Vision Housing explains the need for more housing to help re-offenders integrate back into the community

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