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hand hygiene training

SureWash over the sink: Combining hand hygiene training & monitoring

SureWash, a hand hygiene training company, has developed a new way of combining training and monitoring of hand washing.

SACIDS Foundation for One Health – tackling infectious diseases

As an inter-institutional network dealing with infectious diseases, SACIDS focuses on both individual and institutional development.
face covering

Why wear a face covering during COVID-19? The evidence

Dr Deborah Lee from Dr Fox Online Pharmacy discusses why we need to wear a face covering during the current COVID-19 pandemic, stating the evidence in this illuminating analysis.
Lariot Europe Ltd

Anti Viral UVC – The UK’s distributor of THOR UVC®

Anti Viral UVC is the UK’s distributor of THOR UVC® to Care Homes, Dental Practices and Local Councils for UVC Sanitisation to premises.
in schools

Will increased COVID-19 testing keep children in schools?

Abdullah Sabyah, Founder and CEO Rightangled, discusses the need to overhaul the government’s approach to coronavirus testing in schools and explores how home-based private testing can ensure children continue to receive the education they need.
COVID-19 testing

First whole city COVID-19 testing to launch in Liverpool

In the first pilot of whole city testing, residents and workers in Liverpool will be offered COVID-19 testing, whether they have symptoms or not.
COVID-19 guidelines

Republicans more likely to follow COVID-19 guidelines for themselves

New research from the UBC Sauder School of Business suggests that Republicans are more likely to follow COVID-19 guidelines to protect themselves rather than for their community.
hospital floors

Hospital floors are a breeding ground for bacteria

Findings from a new study have cites that hospital floors are a hotspot for bacteria to breed, creating a route of transfer to patients.
skin problems

Long haul COVID-19 survivors experience lasting skin problems

According to a new analysis, COVID-19 patients have shown lasting skin problems long after their initial infection has cleared.

Study finds antibody response to COVID-19 reduces over time

The largest at-home antibody study for COVID-19 has found that the number of people with antibodies fell by 26.5% after infection.
vampire bats socially distance

Vampire bats socially distance themselves when sick

A new paper, published by Oxford University Press, has found that wild vampire bats socially distance themselves from their community when they are sick to slow the spread of disease.
herd immunity

The ‘herd immunity’ strategy for COVID-19 is dangerous and unfeasible 

Professor Martin Michaelis and Dr Mark Wass of University of Kent’s School of Biosciences, explain why a herd immunity approach to COVID-19 would include great risk, potentially many deaths, and may simply not work.
Intelligent Infection Control Services Limited

LumiBio – Infection Prevention Control

LumiBio, an ultrasonic dry misting system, is clinically proven to eradicate Sars-Cov-2, on contact, and continues to protect for up to 5 days.
pandemic rules

Over half of hospitality employees call for pandemic rules to become permanent

A recent survey conducted by Solopress, reveals that 66% of hospitality employees want COVID-19 rules in their workplace to remain permanent .
crowd simulation

Why crowd simulation will be key to mitigating life with COVID-19

Sébastien Paris, founder and CEO of ONHYS, explores how crowd simulation could be the key to mitigating the disruption caused by COVID-19.
covid-19 genomics study

How did COVID-19 spread to Europe and the U.S?

A new study combines genomics from COVID-19 samples with computer-simulated epidemics and travel records to reconstruct the virus' spread across the world.
covid-19 antibodies

COVID-19 antibodies decline significantly one month after discharge

A new study has revealed that COVID-19 antibodies fade after only a month, which could be a devastating blow in the global race to find a vaccine.
social distancing study, COVID-19

COVID-19: New study highlights the importance of social distancing

A new study shows travelling from the home is associated with significantly higher likelihood of contracting COVID-19, while strict social distancing prevents infection.
antibiotic resistance, COVID-19

Nightingale hospitals could increase antibiotic resistance

The University of Plymouth revealed that secondary COVID-19 treatment could be increasing antibiotic resistance and polluting water.
disadvantaged children

COVID-19 higher among minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged children

A new study led by Children's National Hospital researchers shows that minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged children have significantly higher rates of COVID-19 infection.

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