Only 41% of people are willing to sign up for COVID-19 vaccine trials

covid-19 vaccine trials 
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New research from the University of Birmingham shows that only 41% of people would be willing to sign up for COVID-19 vaccine trials

In order to have an effective COVID-19 vaccination rollout, the entire population has to been accepting of it, but a recent study by researchers at the University of Birmingham has found that only 41.4% would be interested in participating in vaccine trials.

Out of 4884 participants, of which 9.44% were Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME), 27.6% of the respondents were not interested and 31.1% were unsure.

vaThe keenest groups were male, graduates, the 40-49 & 50-59 age groups and those with no health issues and the least interested groups were BAME, those from villages and small towns and those aged 70 and above.

BAME vaccine participants

Dr Anandadeep Mandal, lecturer in finance from the Birmingham Business School and one the lead authors who carried out the research design involving enhanced text mining and non-linear estimations said:

“This study has key importance with COVID-19 mutant (VOC) B117 acquiring mutant E484 and the need for continual trials. The study examines the various factors affecting participation in trials, including geographical locations in England. The results indicate the lack of interest in trial participation among the BAME community even though they score high on importance of vaccine trials.

“Further, respondents from small town and villages fail to address the need for vaccine trials. Therefore, a joint effort is required engage various ethnic communities and people from different geographical locations to participate in vaccine trials to help the society in need.”


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