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Woman running in sportsgear

Metabolism detects our ancestry and risk of diseases

Our ancestry can be detected not only in our genes, but also in our metabolism, says ground-breaking Yale-led study.
health behaviours

NHS Digital analyses health behaviours by ethnicity

A report from Health Survey for England analysed health behaviours and wellbeing by ethnicity, here are the results.
cancer screening

Is there a racial disparity in cancer screenings across England?

According to new research black people are 38% less likely than white people to be diagnosed at cancer screenings in England.
maternity report, birthrights

UK maternity report finds that women experience “dehumanisation” 

A maternity report by Birthrights finds that UK women experience "dehumanisation" and racism from caregivers.
childbirth black women uk, MBRRACE-UK

Is childbirth more dangerous for Black women in the UK?

A new report on maternal care reveals statistics documenting the increased danger Black women face during pregnancy and childbirth in the UK.
black people in tech, colourintech

56% of Black people in tech felt unable to negotiate salary

Data from Colourintech and Meta shows that 56% of Black people in tech feel unable to negotiate a fair salary - while 75% of white respondents feel empowered in doing so.
ethnic diversity, mental health

Research on nature and mental health lacks ethnic diversity

Evidential proof shows that nature helps mental health – but most research focuses on white people, missing crucial ethnic diversity data.
racial medical guidelines, healthcare

Racial medical guidelines to be removed from US healthcare

A paediatricians’ group in the US have made moves to abandon racial medical guidelines, which create disparities in healthcare.
health equity issues, bioethics

Field of bioethics “largely silent” on health equity issues

A report calls on the field of bioethics to look at racial injustice in the US, especially the impact of neoliberalism on contemporary health equity issues.
minority groups, diversity in medicine

Diversity in medicine sees more women, but lacks minority groups in U.S

Diversity in medicine across the U.S is not equal with population changes – while women see gains in representation, minority groups continue to go underrepresented.
covid-19, non-english speaking patients

Non-English speaking patients have 35% higher chance of COVID death

Non-English speaking patients with COVID have a higher likelihood of needing ICU care and dying from the virus, say US scientists.
black lives matter, racial discourse

Black Lives Matter protests have lasting impact on racial discourse

Black Lives Matter protests bring public attention to incidents of police brutality, and also have shifted racial discourse, increasing interest in anti-racist ideas.
stillbirth rates, ethnic minorities

Stillbirth rates double for some ethnic minorities in the UK

The rates of stillbirths in Black and South Asian communities are still double those of the rest of the population, despite an overall downward trend across the UK.
vaccine inequalities, ethnic minority groups

Increased vaccine inequalities in UK ethnic minority groups

COVID vaccine rollout led to vaccine inequalities in UK ethnic minority groups, with a decline in people’s willingness to take up vaccination.
Roma europe

The Roma community in Europe

Jo & Toby Gorniak from Street Factory CIC, with Rosa Cisneros (C-DaRE), shed light on the Roma community in Europe, including its diversity
pulse oximeters

Link between skin colour and pulse oximeter effectiveness

The device used to assess COVID severity via blood oxygen levels can be significantly less effective on certain skin colours.
body image racial identity

Strong racial identity improves body image in Black youth

A new study has found that Black adolescents are more body positive when they have a strong connection to their racial identity.
race diabetes

Study examines racial disparities in diabetes patients

Researchers find that ethnic minority diabetes patients are less likely to take medication for their treatment, due to income differences and lack of access.
cultural similarities

Successful adaptation after immigration helped by cultural similarities

Research looking at successful immigration - analysing those who remain in their new locations as opposed to those who leave - finds that cultural similarities play a key role in the decision.
air pollution race, mortality and race

Study finds race erased in air pollution mortality calculations

Study finds older Black and Hispanic people are more likely to die prematurely due to exposure to air pollution, with race disparities in health costing $100 billion in the US.

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