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astronomical sciences

Astronomy and the universe of discovery

Richard F. Green, Director, Division of Astronomical Sciences, U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) explores the wonders of astronomy and the universe of discovery In October 2017, telescopes across the globe observed a kilonova radiating from a galaxy 130-million- light-years from Earth. Thousands of scientists saw the event unfold, the explosive...
Ledger technology

Blockchain technology used to track and authenticate diamonds

Originally set up for cryptocurrency usage such as Bitcoin, blockchain technology is now being looked at to aid other industries Blockchain acts a shared database across a series of networks which allows information to be distributed to, and accessed by, anyone on the internet. The information is not copied, nor...
Battery Storage

Can the UK be a global leader in battery storage?

Senior market research analyst at BSRIA Ltd, Henry Lawson provides an expert perspective on the potential for battery storage in the UK today In a speech in November 2017, the UK Energy Secretary Greg Clark set out an apparently ambitious vision of UK energy policy in general and for battery...
Smart City Strategies

Smart city strategies from around the world

Rushi Rama from Future Cities Catapult gives a fascinating overview of smart city strategies from around the world The use of technology is changing everyday life for people in cities and how the city is evolving to meet their needs. This is nothing new, we only need to see how...
Labour Market

Keeping pace with today’s rapidly changing labour market

Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility offers her thoughts on today’s rapidly changing labour market To succeed in today’s rapidly changing labour market, you need skills. And “static” skills will not be enough. Your skills have to evolve along with changes in the world of...
galaxy formation simulations

Supercomputer simulations: Closing in on the story of our cosmic origins

Prof Romeel Davé, Chair of Physics at the University of Edinburgh explores how supercomputer simulations help to reveal how galaxies like our Milky Way arose from the Big Bang Why does the Universe look the way it does? This fundamental question has captivated humankind from the earliest days, spawning creation...
Crypto Valley

Switzerland, blockchain’s spiritual home

The Crypto Valley Association’s Tom Lyons argues that along with its competitive advantages, decentralised culture and democratic tradition have made Switzerland an epicentre of the blockchain revolution Few places in the world are more idyllic than the Swiss city of Zug. Situated on a pristine alpine lake, snow-capped peaks in...
New Knowledge

Supporting research and new knowledge

Martin Ince discusses the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) support for research and new knowledge In April, the Economic and Social Research Council will become one of nine bodies making up a new organisation in British public life, UK Research and Innovation. One of its aims will be to...

Why public sector organisations must ‘Break the Boundaries’ in 2018

Georgina O’Toole, Chief Analyst at TechMarketView, explains why, in a digital environment, public sector organisations cannot afford to be insular TechMarketView’s recently published analysis of the UK public sector ICT market revealed a picture that can be viewed in the context of ‘micro’ trends and ‘macro’ trends. In our view, the...
protecting your innovation

Protecting your innovation, research and development

Gary Townley, Business Manager at the UK Intellectual Property Office outlines the importance of protecting your innovation and research through Intellectual Property protection.

Data science: the key to unlocking the UK’s innovation

Sean Owen, Director of Data Science, Cloudera talks about how data science can have a significant impact on innovation in the UK, as well as the economy

EUA Director warns the EU Structural Fund is ‘not working’

The EU Structural Fund, a loan aimed at bringing industry and academics together, is not achieving its goal… European University Association (EUA) director Thomas Estermann has warned the EU Structural and Investment Fund (ESFI) is failing. The ESFI fund, which is a loan system aimed at bringing industry and academics together,...

European universities participate in innovation project

A new €3.7m project will see seven European universities investigate the role higher education facilities have to play in pushing innovation and regional development. The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain will join six other universities on a four year project into the role of universities in innovation and regional...
areospace © Corepics Vof

Inspiring growth in the aerospace industry

John Laughlin, Aerospace Programme Lead at Innovate UK answers AG’s questions regarding investment in the aerospace industry and how Innovate UK play an integral role in this UK businesses are well placed to take advantage of growing global demand for faster, quieter and greener aircraft. As the biggest aerospace industry...

Illustration of Variation in Muscle Radiodensity

Our research group has developed a novel lens with which to view cancer patients: using computed tomography (CT) images routinely taken during clinical assessment, to precisely quantify body composition (muscle and adipose) in relation to clinical outcomes (Prado et al 2008, Lieffers et al 2009, Lieffers et al 2011,...

Advanced Knowledge Management in Smart Cities

New ways to deal with the complexity and dynamics of change in our cities On-going urbanisation makes cities focal points for economies and societies. As its share of resource consumption and emissions grows, economies become knowledge intensive. City life accelerates, its complexity grows exponentially along with various instabilities, challenges, uncertainties...

Revolutionising the brain

Aiswariya Chidambaram of Frost and Sullivan explains the importance of early diagnosis to tackle brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Although research has gone a long way in establishing an understanding of the underlying mechanism and etiology of Alzheimer’s disease since its discovery in 1906, scientists have not yet arrived...

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