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Do we need a general election?

In less than two months, two Conservative Prime Ministers have resigned - it begs the question, do we need a general election?
Keir Starmer against red background reading 'KEIR STARMER ANOTHER FUTURE IS POSSIBLE'

Will the Labour Party win the next general election?

The Labour Party has achieved its largest poll lead in over two decades over the Conservatives; is this enough to win the next general election? 
UK Prime Minister Liz Truss walking along wearing navy suit

How long will Liz Truss last as Prime Minister?

The new Prime Minister is rapidly losing popularity following a controversial mini-budget and a plummeting pound; the question is, how long will Liz Truss last?
Kwasi Kwarteng holds is head in his hands

Kwasi Kwarteng sacked as chancellor ahead of mini-budget U-turn

Kwasi Kwarteng has been sacked as chancellor, just weeks after he announced the controversial mini-budget.
Person pressing button on white electric energy meter

Energy Bill Relief Scheme: Freezing out the fraudsters

Colin Gray, Principal Fraud Consultant at SAS UK, looks at the technologies that can help governments fight fraud since the Energy Bill Relief Scheme came into force.
Calculator and £5 notes laid flat

What does the mini budget mean for you?

The mini budget is the phrase on everyone's lips; but what does it actually mean, and how will you be affected?
Black background with stack of British pound coins in varying amounts

British pound sterling drops to record low

The British pound sterling has hit an all-time low, but what does this actually mean? And how has this happened?
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Preventing fraud in Liz Truss’ energy price freeze

Colin Gray discusses how to limit fraudulent activity and safeguard citizens amidst Liz Truss' energy price freeze.

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