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More steps need to be taken to predict volcanic eruptions and activity

Despite there being a lot of resources available to reduce the risks of volcanic eruptions, researchers note the world is “woefully unprepared”.
Organic skincare ingredients with manuka honey, oils, clay and rosemary herb, spa still life products honey closeup

Could manuka honey be effective on collagen scaffolds?

Manuka honey, made from tea trees, can help collagen scaffolds to heal by resisting bacterial infection and promoting bone growth. 
Mud texture or wet brown soil as natural organic clay and geological sediment mixture as in roughing it in a dirty muddy country road bog after the rain or rainy season found in a damp moist climate.

Can clay be used for carbon capture?

Sandia chemical engineer Tuan Ho has led a team investigating the possibility of using clay for carbon capture.
farming in the UK

Farmers to receive government payments for sustainable farming

The UK government is handing out payments to those who utilise sustainable farming and deliver greener food production while enhancing nature.
resource extraction, ecological damage

US and EU responsible for 74% of global resource extraction

Higher-income countries, such as the USA and nations of the EU, are responsible for excess resource extraction of raw materials which has led to ecological damage.
star formation, NASA

Six new images from Hubble show how star formation works

Hubble released images of six galaxies in a nod to the spirit of the New Year, which make up part of their star formation exploration.
wildfires in california and nevada, western

Researchers predict “faster and hotter” wildfires in California and Nevada

Scientists looked at calculations of how dry the air could become throughout the 21st century - it seems that wildfires in California and Nevada are predicted to increase in ferocity.
offshore wind power, COVID-19

PM Johnson: “Offshore wind power in every home by 2030”

Is this really a push for renewable power, or hot air from Boris Johnson? Here, we discuss the literal possibilities of offshore wind power in the UK.

Biomass conversion for high value products

NRRI Research Team Leaders discuss biomass conversion for high value products.
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Volcanic and geothermal systems on Earth

The Institute of Earth‘s Sciences and Nordic Volcanic Institute, University of Iceland The ultimate energy source of the Earth‘s interior or heat comes from the early days of the planetary formation and decaying of radioactive matter. If today’s society could be able to harvest this energy in an economic way,...

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