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Motion Blur Shot Of Medical Staff Wearing Scrubs In Busy Hospital Corridor

Decarbonising the NHS Estate in 2023

The NHS is aiming to become the world’s first net-zero health service by 2040, through reducing the harmful gases it puts into the atmosphere, decarbonising the NHS Estate and reaching an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2028 to 2032.
doctor using NHS tech

Remanufactured IT: helping the NHS join the circular economy

Steve Haskew, the Group Director of Sustainability at Circular Computing – an organisation that sits at the centre of the circular economy – discusses the possibilities of remanufactured IT in the NHS.
transport for the nhs - ambulances lined up outside hospital

Transforming transport for the NHS: Connected Kerb leads the charge

Transforming transport for the NHS is a prime opportunity for the Government to lead the public sector charge towards a more sustainable future.
Person throws kitchen food waste into compost heap to make organic fertilizer. Composting - eco-friendly recycling technology

UK citizens’ interests towards sustainable practices on the rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has given the world a wake-up call about the environment and sustainability, and the UK is no exception.

2040: Are we on track to reach NHS net-zero?

Cameron Hawkins, Head of Energy and Environment, NHS Property Services, says we are another year closer to 2040 but are we on track to reach NHS net-zero?
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Investment into new gwent medical facilities supports the NHS net zero commitment

The Aneurin Bevan Health Board has invested in a solar-integrated roof for their newly opened HSDU facility in South Wales, which supports the NHS net zero commitment.
hospital estate

Decarbonising the NHS hospital estate – Towards net zero

Richard Spencer, Construction and Operation & Maintenance Director at E.ON, details decarbonising your hospital estate in the road towards net zero.
ActionZero EscoPod

Routes to decarbonisation: ActionZero’s patented heat pump technology

CEO Denis Collins, a former global executive with IBM and previous Chair IDA Ireland Regional Development & Board Director, talks to OAG about ActionZero and their patented heat pump technology – the EscoPod.
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A shot in the arm for supply chain emissions of CO2 (e)

Henry Waite, Managing Director of Blue Marble looks at strategies to reduce supply chain emissions.
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Reaching Net Zero: A landmark commitment, two years on

Richard Hilson, Principal Consultant, Sustainable Healthcare, Gemserv, shares his view on the NHS Reaching Net Zero, a landmark commitment.
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A view on the NHS becoming the first Net Zero healthcare system

James Bailey Managing Partner at Bruton Knowles, provides his view on the NHS becoming the first Net Zero healthcare system.
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Leading the charge to net zero by electrifying the NHS

Connected Kerb exists to power the future of sustainable mobility for everyone. Here Vicki Evans explores the significance of making EV charging more accessible to the general public whilst also illustrating the importance of electrifying the NHS fleet.
St.thomas NHS hospital

Achieving net zero: decarbonising the NHS and the public sector

In this Q&A with Simon Duncan, the Director of B2B Solutions at E.ON, he outlines the key considerations for decarbonising the NHS and the public sector.
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NHS green plans driving action

Dr Nick Watts, Chief Sustainability Officer of the NHS, reveals how the NHS green plans are driving action.

Building a sustainable medicines supply chain

Dr Nazneen Rahman, Founder and CEO of YewMaker and Sustainable Medicines Partnership (SMP) Director, describes why tackling wasted medicines is key to delivering a Net Zero NHS.
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The quickest wins for decarbonising the NHS

VolkerSmart Technologies introduce their work in decarbonising the NHS, discussing their role in lessening transport emissions with their numerous services.

Shell Fleet Solutions: Four steps to decarbonize fleets

Here, we learn about Shell Fleet Solutions, one of the global leaders in business mobility, including why public sector fleets need to decarbonise Shell Fleet Solutions is one of the global leaders in business mobility. Whether you are a small business owner or a large global enterprise, we provide a...

Getting healthcare to net zero

Pierce Mahne, Head of Corporate Accounts - UK at ACT Commodities, explains how ACT specializes in sourcing renewable energy along with environmental products proving valuable in the battle to get healthcare to net zero Getting healthcare to net zero has been made a priority by many with England’s National Health...
NHS worker wearing personal protective equipment holding folder standing in front of hospital

How do we turn the bold ambition of a net-zero NHS into reality?

Cameron Hawkins, Head of Energy and Environment at NHS Property Services (NHSPS), provides an update on a net-zero NHS and explores how we turn this bold ambition into reality.
doctor using tablet to contact patient for medical record

How virtual outpatient care can transform the NHS

Dr Bahman Nedjat-Shokouhi, founder and CEO of Medefer, discusses how virtual outpatient care is the future of the NHS and how we need to prioritise funding for digital technologies that can pave the way for elective recovery.

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