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The NHS or National Health Service is the name used for the UK’s public health service. It was established in 1948 as one of the major social reforms decided after the Second World War. it was founded upon these main principles. That the services should be comprehensive, universal and free. UK residents are not charged for the treatment they receive. Citizens within the EU containing a European Heath Card can receive emergency treatment at no cost. Along with persons from countries with which the UK has reciprocal arrangements concerning health care.


The funding of the NHS comes 98.8 percent from general taxation and National Insurance contributions along with donations. The 2008/9 budget roughly equates to a contribution of £1,980 per person in the UK. When Launched the NHS budget was around £437 million however it received more than £100 billion in 2008/2009. 60 percent of the NHS budget is used to pay staff. With a further 20 percent paying for drugs and other supplies.

liver disease

Map shows vast difference in liver disease diagnoses in areas of the UK

A new map shows that diagnosis of liver disease varies greatly across different areas of the country, with some places having a much higher mortality rate A new atlas detailing diagnosis of liver disease, and death as a result, shows there is a stark contrast across different parts of the...
NHS digital strategy

How HSCN can improve the NHS digital strategy

Michael Bowyer of Innopsis highlights the need for improved connectivity to boost the government's NHS digital strategy and improve integration
hospitals in England

New winter emergency care funding for hospitals in England

The government has announced extra funding to help a number of hospitals in England with emergency care over the winter months
duty of care

Why the NHS needs to take duty of care seriously

The NHS must ensure duty of care is in place for staff work journeys or risk facing prosecution. Andy Shettle explains how the process can be streamlined

NHS bosses backtrack on controversial budget cuts

Backlash for plans to save money by delaying operations, treatment and closing wards sees NHS bosses do a u-turn

Hospitals to get extra funding to cope with winter pressures

Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt has announced £20m of extra funding for hospitals to ease pressure on emergency departments ahead of next winter

NHS spending plans delayed because of financial pressures

The King’s Fund has revealed NHS spending across a number of areas is expected to be cancelled or delayed due to money difficulties

NHS cyber-attack: the biggest in history

In the wake of the NHS cyber-attack, Nigel Hawkins, Managing Director EMEA, Everbridge outlines how organisations can limit the damage of such an attack On Friday 12th May, the NHS experienced a national cyber-attack. Hackers attacked the backbone of the NHS, tapping into computers, telephone lines, MRI scanners, blood-storage refrigerators...

NHS pay cap is damaging the health service

Health leaders have called for politicians to consider the impact of the NHS pay cap during the next parliament

Cancer Drugs Fund was “politically and intellectually lazy”

The Cancer Drugs Fund, set up to pay for medication not funded by the NHS, was a “huge waste of money” and caused unnecessary suffering for patients
closing hospitals wheelchair outside

NHS plans include closing hospitals and ‘centralising’ services

The King’s Fund insists government must be ready to back radical changes set out in NHS transformation plans, including closing hospitals and A&Es Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) drawn up as part of NHS England's five-year strategy to release £22bn of efficiency savings by 2020 include plans to close hospitals...

NHS is facing an existential crisis

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has conceded there are difficulties facing the NHS and said there is “no excuse” for them
health and social care network procurement

Health and Social Care Network: Connectivity in public sector procurement

Innopsis director Michael Bowyer takes stock as the healthcare sector prepares for the launch of the Health and Social Care Network in March this year As NHS Digital, healthcare providers and industry prepare for the roll out of the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) in March 2017, we see...

Accessible healthcare for all

Sarah White, Policy and Partnerships Manager (Health) at the national disability charity Sense outlines the importance of healthcare being accessible for people who are deafblind. At some point in our lives, we will all need to access the healthcare system; whether through our GP, pharmacist, other healthcare professionals or specialist...

Where will our new medicines come from?

A view from one of the drug discovery teams at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland Earlier this year I completed a three-year term as a ‘Public Partner’ on the Scottish Medicines. Consortium (SMC), which is the body that advises the National Health Service in Scotland on the cost-effectiveness of medicines....
stethoscope calculator

NHS overspends by nearly £1bn in three months

New figures have revealed the NHS has run up £930m deficit in just three months… NHS trusts in England are in significant financial trouble after collectively racking up debts approaching £1bn. Regulators said the figures, which relate to the first three months of the financial year, showed the amount of...
Smoking ban spares children serious illness

Smoking ban spares children serious illness

New research has revealed the smoking ban has prevented thousands of children from serious illness and reduced the number of hospital admissions The smoking ban, which was introduced in England in 2007, has prevented illness in thousands of children. Research published in the European Respiratory Journal examined hospital admission records of...
The NHS has a 'substantial financial problem'

The NHS has a ‘substantial financial problem’

The former Chief Executive of NHS England Sir David Nicholson has revealed the NHS is accruing large deficits, which are largely being ignored by politicians It is no secret the NHS is in crisis. Over the last 12 months, hospitals have warned of problems with growing demands for services, as...
Greens launch election manifesto

The Green Party launches election manifesto

The Green Party is set to launch its election manifesto, which will include a call to “take back” the NHS from the private sector Party leader Natalie Bennett and MP Caroline Lucas are set to unveil their party's election manifesto today. It will focus on issues such as stopping the...

Is the UK delivering effective mental health services?

Over the last few months, there has been increasing reports of failures to meet the needs of patients with mental illnesses in the UK. Open Access Government examines the impact of cuts on the sector Mental health services are in trouble, it seems. Last year an investigation by Community Care...

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