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clinic, lightbench

Precision medicine: From bench to clinic

Here, we find out about Yourgene Health, a molecular diagnostics company with products and technologies that enable precision medicine in oncology from bench to clinic.
Biomedical materials

Accelerating the discovery, manufacture and translation of biomedical materials

The Henry Royce Institute is enhancing the UK’s position as an international leader in the field of biomedical materials, systems and devices.

Simplifying electronic printing solutions for European industry with LEE-BED

Here, we learn why Horizon 2020 project LEE-BED is currently Europe’s one stop shop for printed and embedded electronics services and infrastructure access.
uk’s zero carbon agenda, centre for sustainable and circular technologies

Accelerating the UK’s zero carbon agenda

The University of Bath’s Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies (CSCT) with Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (SWLEP) launches a major new innovation hub, bringing together core partners in academia and industry to accelerate the UK’s transition to net-zero carbon emissions.
symptom tracking, biomarkers

Novel digital biomarkers to aid in the diagnosis and tracking of symptoms in patients...

Dr Rutger Zietsma – CEO at Manus Neurodynamica Ltd – and PD Dr Angela Deutschländer share their vision on earlier diagnosis and objective symptom tracking with the NeuroMotor PenTM.
Acute care

Using protective therapies to reduce risks in acute care

As your specialist in Acute Care, Draeger Medical UK Ltd is focused on providing protective therapy solutions in the operating room, intensive care unit and neonatal intensive care unit. The aim has always been to improve clinical outcomes and reduce risks in acute care; which has never been truer than in the time of a global pandemic.
biological pigments, crayfish

An impact of biological pigments as teaching material

Here, Professor Kouji Takeda and others discuss the NODAI A-STEM Education project, which looks at the impact of biological pigments as teaching material.
recycling to tackle e-waste

Why we need to think beyond recycling to tackle e-waste

Matthew Cockerill, an Independent Strategic Consultant, explains why we need to think beyond recycling to tackle e-waste.
innovation in japan

Striving for cutting edge science, technology and innovation in Japan

Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has stressed the importance of being a world leader in science and technology. Here, Open Access Government look into why this is the case.
sustainable agricultural intensification

Push-pull tech for sustainable agricultural intensification in East Africa

The UPSCALE project aims to achieve food security in sub-Saharan Africa by using nature-based solutions inspired by push-pull technology to close the yield gap in smallholder agriculture.
implications of e-waste

The toxicological implications of e-waste

Here, Donald A. Bruun and Pamela J. Lein discuss the toxicological implications of e-waste and how to address this global problem.
sexual health of teens, pregnancy

HIPTeens: Improving the sexual health of teens

For The Health Improvement Project for Teens (HIPTeens), our purpose is simple: Helping teens, including those with intellectual/developmental disabilities, reach their potential through robust research and practical application reducing sexual risk and building resilience.
Rett patients

Harnessing digital innovations to become a beacon of hope for Rett patients

The CIPP Rett Centre provides treatment for emotional, behavioural and autonomic difficulties/disorders in patients with Rett Syndrome.
air pollution exposure

Disproportionate air pollution exposure in African-American communities

We spoke to Elica M. Moss from Alabama A&M University to profile her research on disproportionate air pollution exposure in African-American communities with the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice.
vision-related conditions

Treating vision-related conditions

Professor Heather Sheardown from McMaster University provides detail about treating vision-related conditions, including injectable, in situ gelling systems.
renewable energy future

Asia’s renewable energy future

Minghui Zhang, Head of Section and Benoit Nguyen, Head of Department at DNV, describe Asia’s renewable energy future.
coevolving informatics, gender inequality

Women as warriors: The impact of coevolving informatics

Chris Girard, Associate Professor at Florida International University illustrates how the pre-existing cultural signals shaping gendered barriers are being transformed by coevolving informatics and women in the digital-era military.
accelerating innovation, circular economy

Accelerating innovation for the benefit of society

Open Access Government highlights the priorities of The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), as it works to advance innovation and combat global environmental issues.
canada's innovation

Canada: From isolation to innovation

Open Access Government chart Canada’s innovation priorities in its recovery plan from the COVID-19 pandemic.
sustainable agriculture post-pandemic

Realising sustainable agriculture post-pandemic

Open Access Government highlights the priorities of Japan’s Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council, as it supports workers through COVID-19 and works towards sustainability goals.

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