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elective treatment

Public support using NHS cash boost to cut elective treatment waiting times

New polling has found that the majority of the public want the promised additional funding for the NHS to be used to help cut record high waiting lists for elective treatment
healthcare system

What is the scale of ambition for the devolved healthcare system in Surrey?

Director of Transformation Sarah Parker and Executive Director of Public Health Helen Atkinson discuss a devolved healthcare system in Surrey.
stopping fraud

Stopping fraud against the NHS: new plans announced

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock has announced how it will take tougher action on stopping fraud and save hundreds of millions of pounds for the NHS over the next 5 years, increasing the money available for improving patient care
treatment and new technology

Faster access to treatment and new technology for 500,000 patients

Patients could benefit from faster access to treatment under 2 new programmes. The programmes will identify treatment and new technology then speed up their uptake across the NHS

We need to think differently about cancer to save more lives

Sir Harpal Kumar, former CEO of Cancer Research UK, outlines his vision for cancer in the future and said that earlier diagnosis would enable the UK to catch up with its international counterparts in terms of survival rates and would also make the NHS more efficient
social care ecosystem

How will implementing technology help improve the social care ecosystem?

According to Age UK, 97% of the UK population would like to receive care in their own home. With this in mind, Helen Dempster explains why the implementation of effective and intelligent technology across the entire social ecosystem will be key to enabling more people to stay in their homes for longer with a better quality of care
health services

Partnership with patients: The way forward to better and sustainable health service

Astri Arnesen, President of the European Huntington Association argues that building a partnership with patients is the best way forward to promote better and sustainable health services
NHS patients

NHS patients willing to pay more tax to improve services

More than four in five of NHS users would be willing to pay more tax to secure significant improvements to the service, according to a new poll commissioned by the NHS Confederation

WiFi connectivity enhancing the patient hospital experience during the NHS’s 70th anniversary

Innovative, state-of-the-art WiFi is the key to ensuring patients have the best hospital experience
Huntington’s disease (HD)

Ground-breaking results for Huntington’s Disease (HD) research

Svein Olaf Olsen and Maiken Arnesen from the European Huntington Association reveal their thoughts on a recent and significant breakthrough concerning Huntington’s Disease (HD) research The 11th December 2017 will probably go into history along with the discovery of the Huntington gene in 1993. On this date, IONIS Pharmaceuticals announced...
transform healthcare

Blockchain technology is ready to transform healthcare

Technology that powers blockchain could transform healthcare by upgrading its systems, making it affordable and putting patient care first The healthcare industry is limited by legacy technology systems that are put under strain by the healthcare standards. It makes healthcare expensive while at the same time not improving patient care. Deloitte,...
cancer care

The challenge of sustainability in cancer care

All.Can shares their profound insights into the challenges concerning the need to improve the efficiency of cancer care, focusing on better outcomes for patients Healthcare budgets are under increasing pressure. We face an urgent question about how we can sustain high-quality healthcare. All.Can is an international multi-stakeholder initiative set up...
ministry of health

The future of the Danish Ministry of Health

Jonathan Miles from Open Access Government explored the work the Danish Ministry of Health does to improve health policy across the country The Danish Ministry of Health was officially established in June 2015 and is responsible for all healthcare policies in Denmark. Once an independent ministry when first launched in...

Living with Leukaemia

Bethany Torr, campaigns and advocacy officer at Leukaemia Care introduces ‘Leukaemia’ and its different forms and explains how people live with the disease Leukaemia’ is an umbrella term for cancers of the white blood cells – ‘leuk’ means white and ‘aemia’ refers to a condition of the blood. 26 people are...
dose-finding trials

Dose-finding trials: why not to use algorithmic designs

Prof Thomas Jaki from the Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics Research Unit at Lancaster University sheds light on dose-finding trials

The need for a more patient-centric healthcare revolution

As systems and priorities change, healthcare needs to be more patient-centric, says Steve Tassell, Global Product Marketing Manager at Bizagi
sustainable healthcare technology doctor with tablet computer

Sustainable healthcare and the technological revolution

Anssi Pulkkinen, director of wellbeing and health at Finnish funding agency Tekes, on the role of technology in securing sustainable healthcare for all Technological development and innovations have managed to produce wellbeing and prosperity in modern Europe. Today people enjoy longer, happier and healthier lives. Parallel to this positive development, national...

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