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sustainable pest management

Plant-plant communication for sustainable pest management

Velemir Ninkovic, Associate Professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), explores plant-plant communication for sustainable pest management.
arable crops

The re-emergence of potato late blight: A major reason for pesticide use in arable...

Didier Andrivon, Research Director at INRA provides an account of the disease, potato late blight and why pesticides are used in arable crops.

Pesticides: A contributing factor to the increase in asthma?

Pamela J. Lein at the University of California, Davis discusses the evidence suggesting that pesticides are risk factors for asthma
Malaria elimination

Malaria: aspirations, realities and practicalities

Dr James Tibenderana from Malaria Consortium unveils the facts about the global goal to eliminate malaria In the past decade, the aspiration of malaria elimination has been high on the agenda. Reducing malaria deaths and the number of diagnosed malaria cases by at least 90% and eliminating it in at...
geomicrobiological research

Phosphorus geomicrobiological research – biology, chemistry, and agriculture

Diliana D. Simeonova of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences imparts her seasoned expertise on phosphorus geomicrobiological research

Integrated pest management (IPM)

Professor of Entomology at Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, Timothy D. Schowalter outlines the fundamentals of IPM

Why does Heterocyclic Chemistry matter?

Professor Colin J Suckling of University of Strathclyde explores the reasons why Heterocyclic Chemistry matters in the world today
environmental toxicology

Environmental toxicology in the regulation of chemicals

A group of experts at the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry-Europe shed light on the environmental risk assessment of chemicals
New strategy launched to support bees

New strategy launched to support bees

Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss has announced the launch of the National Pollinator Strategy, aimed at supporting bees and other pollinators. National Rail, the Highways Agency, and the National Trust have all signed up to the National Pollinator Strategy. Organisations will plant bee-friendly wild flowers on their sites and will allow...
Ban on pesticide could cost farmers £1.6bn

Ban on pesticide could cost farmers £1.6bn

If a EU pesticide ban comes into force, the value of British food production could fall by £1.6bn and cost 44,000 jobs in the agriculture supply chain, according to a new report... A report by farm business consultants Andersons has revealed that the value of British food could be affected...

Bio-securing our woodland

Austin Brady, Head of Conservation at the Woodland Trust discusses the impacts of disease and pests on our woodlands, and how we can mitigate the risks. It’s now just over 1 year on from the day that the devastating disease ash dieback was confirmed within the ‘wider environment’ in the...

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