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annual leave

Why annual leave is still essential when working from home

Dr Samantha Evans, Lecturer in Employee Relations & Human Resource Management at Kent Business School, discusses whether the COVID-19 lockdown and increase in remote working has caused a problem of annual leave being untaken.
remote systems

How are remote systems revolutionising modern businesses?

Change management specialists, Impact, explain how remote systems could be the future of how a lot of us work, detailing the benefits of remote working and how COVID-19 has forced this change to happen.
future of remote working

Work from anywhere: What does the future of remote working look like?

Jon White, MD at InXpress, discusses what the future of remote working will look like post-COVID-19.
sickness and absences

Managing sickness and absences during unprecedented times and beyond

Andy Shettle, Chief Product Officer of ER Tracker at Selenity, discusses how businesses can manage sickness and absences during the COVID-19 pandemic.
quarantine burnout

How can your employees avoid quarantine burnout?

Alexandra Anders, Talent Director at Cornerstone OnDemand, shares tips on how employees and organisations can spot the signs of quarantine burnout and how to avoid it.
operate a business remotely

Industry leaders share advice on how to operate a business remotely

11 business leaders in the technology industry share their advice on how companies can avoid any potential security disasters while keeping employees happy and productive when operating a business remotely.
online learning and remote working

The University of Law: Transitioning to online learning and remote working

Matthew Tomlinson, Dean of the Leeds Campus at The University of Law, discusses the transition they made to online learning and remote working and shares the valuable lessons they learnt along the way.
pandemic times, online lecture

How to create and deliver an online lecture: A survival guide during pandemic times

Professor Darren Griffin, University of Kent, and Dr Julia Stephenson, Brunel University London, discuss how to create and deliver an online lecture during these pandemic times
Protecting key workers

Protecting key workers during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond

Dan Joyce, General Manager at EMEA SafetyCulture, advises how companies can ensure they're protecting key workers during the Coronavirus crisis.
caring for your eyes

Caring for your eyes whilst working from home

Roshni Patel, optometrist at Lenstore, highlights three key areas you need to address to make sure you’re caring for your eyes in the best way possible whilst working from home.
disabled community, working from home

What can the disabled community teach us about working from home?

Liz Johnson, former Paralympian and co-founder of The Ability People, discusses what we can learn from the disabled community about working from home.
Working from home

After Covid-19: New ways of working in offices or at home

PLACEmaking examine how ways of working will have changed after the Covid-19 pandemic with a shift from working in offices.
health and safety measures

COVID-19 health and safety measures

Nick Wilson, Director of Health & Safety Services at Ellis Whittam, discusses the health and safety measures businesses in public and private sectors must now adhere to in light of COVID-19 when it comes to both the workplace and employers’ responsibilities for staff working from home.
lead compassionately

How to lead compassionately in a remote working world: Seven steps

Matt Lewis, Director of Hays Public Services, shares seven tips to help you lead compassionately in a remote working world.
look after your wellbeing

6 tips on how to look after your wellbeing during COVID-19

Matt Lewis, Director of Hays Public Services, shares his advice on how to look after your wellbeing during COVID-19 and when remote working.

COVID-19: How to engage with employees when working at a distance

Rick Kershaw, CPO at Peakon shares his advice on how organisations should look to engage with employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.
personal wellbeing

How can leaders protect their personal wellbeing during a crisis?

Ruth Farenga, managing director of Mindful Pathway, explores how leaders can look after their personal wellbeing and effectively manage stress during uncertain times.
continuity during COVID-19

How can local authorities ensure continuity during COVID-19?

Julie Smith, business consultant/project manager and Luke Taylor, programme manager at Entec Si, advise how local authorities can ensure continuity during COVID-19.
managing mental health remotely

Managing mental health remotely: COVID-19 and beyond

Simon Blake, Chief Executive of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, highlights how we can adapt to managing mental health remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.
managing a remote workforce

Adjusting to the ‘new normal’: Top tips for managing a remote workforce

Open Access Government spoke to seven technology experts to get their advice on how organisations can effectively transition and manage a remote workforce.

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