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Implementing technology to improve safety on construction sites

Jose M. Peña, the Director of Lurtis LTD looks at improving safety on construction sites through the adoption of technology systems, training workers and better-analysing risks.
artificial intelligence technology in construction

Implement AI-based technology to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry

Sectors such as construction are still not able to carry out the necessary measures to fight climate change, will implementing AI-based tech help change this?
approaches to ai, machine learning

Artificial Intelligence: approaches to AI to solve complex problems even without data

Here Jose M. Peña Director at Lurtis LTD explores the different approaches to AI problems beyond using Machine Learning.
Lurtis Rules – Artificial Intelligence driven Solutions

Lurtis Rules – Artificial Intelligence driven Solutions

Lurtis Rules designs, develops, and implements Artificial Intelligence technology into businesses in the fields of engineering and sciences.
aec sector

Implementing new technologies: Chance for the construction sector to join Industry 4.0

Jose M. Peña - Director of Lurtis Ltd discusses implementing new technologies and argues this is an opportunity for the AEC sector to join Industry 4.0

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