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Sunlight through Curtains

The two main types of skin cancer

British Skin Foundation walk us through the two main types of skin cancer, melanoma & non-melanoma, and the importance of funding research in the field.
NASA image showing an ozone hole from space

‘New’ ozone hole has been around since 1980s

A large, year-round ozone hole, seven times larger than the Antarctic ozone hole, has only recently been discovered despite existing since the 1980s.
skin cancer mortality

A digital focus in the fight against skin cancer mortality

Jon Friis, Founder and CEO at Miiskin, states the case for a digital focus in the fight against skin cancer mortality.
hyperspectral camera, technology

Hyperspectral camera imaging promotes research of the seas and space

Mikko Mäkelä, Research Professor at VTT, discusses the possibilities of a hyperspectral camera – a device that can see things which the human eye cannot.
sunburn & skin cancer

Part 3: Scientific sunburn & skin cancer

Chanda Siddoo-Atwal, President and Primary Biochemist of Moondust Cosmetics Ltd. continues her discussion on sunburn & skin cancer science.
prevent skin cancer

Banning indoor tanning beds would prevent skin cancer

Banning commercially available indoor tanning beds would prevent skin cancer and reduce deaths from the most serious form of skin cancer known as melanoma.
scientific sunburn

Scientific sunburn & skin cancer (Part 2)

Chanda Siddoo-Atwal continues the discussion about scientific sunburn & skin cancer focusing on sunscreens that prevent scientific sunburn (apoptosis).
men skin cancer

The rise of men with skin cancer: Raising awareness

We spoke to Dr Paul Banwell about the rise of men with skin cancer and how it’s vital to talk about it and raise awareness Dr Paul Banwell is a leading plastic surgeon and highly- regarded expert in skin cancer. He is the Founder and former Head of The Melanoma...
Non-melanoma skin cancers

Non-melanoma skin cancers & malignant melanoma

Prof Dangou from the WHO Regional Office for Africa, Congo, speaks about the different kinds of skin cancer:non-melanoma skin cancers and malignant melanoma.
Ultraviolet radiation and skin cancer

Ultraviolet radiation and skin cancer

Dr Paul Banwell leading plastic surgeon and expert in skin cancer, walks us through what we need to know about ultraviolet radiation and skin cancer.

Moondust Cosmetics – protecting against cancer-causing sun damage

Learn how science has shown that APF is far more relevant in protecting against cancer-causing sun damage than SPF, with Moondust Cosmetics.

Apoptosis: A key alternate trigger of carcinogenesis

Chanda Siddoo-Atwal, President and Primary Biochemist of Moondust Cosmetics Ltd., explores apoptosis, a key alternate trigger of carcinogenesis.
melanoma cells

Antibiotics effective in treating melanoma

Researchers at KU Leuven have discovered that certain antibiotics appear to be effective in treating a form of skin cancer known as melanoma.
periorbital hyperpigmentation

What causes periorbital hyperpigmentation and how can you treat it?

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, tells us all about periorbital hyperpigmentation, including what causes it and how it can be treated.

What is hyperpigmentation and how can it be prevented?

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, tells us all about hyperpigmentation including the different types, the causes and the treatment options.
treat childhood cancer, experiments

New research suggests antidepressants could treat childhood cancer

Researchers found that a commonly used antidepressant could treat childhood cancer - successfully stopping growth in lab experiments so far.

Putting skin cancer in the shade

Sarah Williams, Senior Health Information Officer at Cancer Research UK sheds light on the increased number of skin cancer diagnoses and the importance of prevention More than 100,000 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year in the UK. Most of those are non-melanoma skin cancer, which is much more...

A novel approach to Melanoma

Melanoma is one of the most aggressive cancers in the human population. In addition to its aggressiveness, it is also the only one of the 7 most common cancers that are actually becoming more frequent. The worldwide incidence of melanoma is unstoppably rising over the last half of the...

Skin cancer: deadly but preventable

Jon Pleat MA DPhil FRCS(Plast), Plastic Surgeon and Scientific Advisor at SCaRF details the risks of skin cancer and how it can be prevented Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer globally. There are more than 80,000 deaths a year from its different forms. Within the UK, the incidence...
Research finds tanning salons likely to cause skin cancer even without sunburn

Research finds ‘base’ tanning skin cancer link

Research produced by the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis has found that building a tan before spending time in the sun does not protect against skin cancer. Visiting a tanning salon to build a base tan prior to spending time in the sun may protect against sunburn, but it will...

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