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Young man with beard on blurry background sunset sky, making soap bubbles smoke inside with the aid of vape

What flavour chemicals are in e-cig liquids?

High levels of sweet and fruit flavour chemicals are found in e-cig liquids, but the question is: are they dangerous?
Young school girl vaping in wooded area

School children favour vaping over smoking or taking drugs

Fewer school children are smoking or doing drugs, but vaping use among 11 to 15-year-olds is increasing, a study from NHS Digital finds.

Challenges, progress, opportunities: European and Central Asian health systems

New WHO studies look at health systems across 14 countries in Europe and Central Asia to reveal how to better invest in and benefit the health of millions.
Pregnant woman eating food

What hidden carcinogenic chemicals are pregnant women exposed to?

Common ingredients used in dyes, pigments and plastics can contain carcinogenic chemicals which could potentially harm child development if used by pregnant women.
Cigarette butts discarded in plant pot

Discarded cigarette butts cost UK £40 million a year

The UK Government’s ambition of a smoke-free country by 2030 does little to solve the smoking-related litter problem facing our communities.
Smoker and vaper using a disposable smoking item

Smokers and vapers are 45% more likely to die from COVID-19

Smokers or vapers prior to hospitalisation for COVID-19 were more likely to experience severe complications, and die from COVID-19, than their counterparts.
cigarette taxes, child death

Higher cigarette taxes could prevent 182,000 child deaths, globally

Child death rates could be reduced by higher cigarette taxes - as regions with the lowest tobacco tax also have the worst child health issues.

Underserved and poorer communities twice as likely to smoke

Underserved communities are at nearly double the risk of smoking dependency according to new research publishing in CANCER the peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society
isolation and loneliness

Smoking can cause social isolation and loneliness

A study suggests that smokers are more likely to become socially isolated and lonely as they age, compared to non-smokers.
tobacco products

Tobacco control and prevention efforts in the U.S

Mitch Zeller, discusses here how the U.S. federal review of e-cigarettes and othertobacco products helps protect public health
tobacco epidemic

The tobacco ‘endgame’: Is it possible?

Dr Eduardo Bianco, Chair of the Tobacco Expert Group at the World Heart Federation discusses the ongoing battle to end the tobacco epidemic, and how e-cigarettes may be part of the problem.
vascular health, hookah

The effects of vaping on vascular health

Mary Rezk-Hanna, PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles, studies the short-term effects of vaping on vascular health - she argues that electronic vaping is harmful and that a “safer” alternative to traditional hookah smoking is anything but safe.
drug use

NHS Digital calls on schools to take part in Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use...

NHS Digital is calling on secondary schools to take part in the Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use among young people in England survey.
drinking vascular health, cardiovascular health

Researchers say drinking has “direct effect on vascular health”

The research, presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2021, found that teen drinking and smoking has a direct impact on vascular health - with arteries becoming stiffer in those with "heavier usage".
disparities in smoking

How are disparities in smoking highlighting the global issue of health inequality?

C3 Collaborating for Health is working to make it easier for everyone to make healthier choices, and here, we learn why this is particularly important for smokers.

Tobacco dependency: Treat it like any other illness

Sarah MacFadyen, Vice Chair of the Taskforce for Lung Health and Head of Policy and External Affairs at Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, says it’s time that tobacco dependency was treated just like any other illness.
respiratory symptoms

Smoking both e-cigs & tobacco cigarettes increases risk of respiratory symptoms

Research led by investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital reveals that people who use both e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes are more likely to develop respiratory symptoms compared to those using either one alone.
COVID positive smokers, hospital

COVID positive smokers are twice as likely to be hospitalised

According to research by King's College London with 2.4 million participants, smokers with COVID-19 are twice as likely to be hospitalised.

1.9 million smokers willing to quit for mental health reasons

A recent study - undertaken ahead of World Mental Health Day 2020 - reveals that 1.9 million (27%) of UK smokers say they would like to quit for mental health reasons, compared to just 16% quitting over COVID-19 concerns.
smokers, quit smoking, stopping smoking

Smokers experience lack of support to quit smoking amid COVID-19

Stopping smoking is one of the most effective ways to protect your health from COVID-19, but there is a lack of digital resources available to help smokers quit during the coronavirus crisis. Alan Sutherland, CEO of Kind Consumer Ltd, shares his thoughts here.

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