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lower back pain, vitamin D deficiency

Post-menopause vitamin D deficiency linked to lower back pain

A new study has identified that vitamin D deficiency is one of the key causes of increased disc degeneration and lower back pain.
global tobacco epidemic, WHO

WHO launches new report on the global tobacco epidemic

Whilst there is being made in the fight against tobacco, increased action is necessary to help people with the global tobacco epidemic, says the World Health Organisation (WHO).
prohibit smoking, smoke-free, hospital grounds, NHS Trusts, PHE

PHE calls on all NHS Trusts to prohibit smoking on hospital grounds

Survey finds that more than two-thirds of NHS acute Trusts in England now prohibit smoking on site as part of their journey to becoming smoke-free.
vaping retailers, age verification

The challenges for age verification for online vaping retailers

Alastair Graham, CEO of AgeChecked, discusses how vaping retailers can conduct online age checks to ensure that no products are sold illegally to anyone under the age of 18.
psychological practice wrong, University of Manchester psychologists

Theories underpinning psychological practice ‘wrong’

A computer game devised by University of Manchester psychologists has called into question the theories which have been used for over a century, suggesting psychological practice has been wrong.

Brits believe smokers are the biggest drain on healthcare

In the year that the NHS suffers £2.7bn in cuts, 48% of Brits believe smokers are the biggest drain on healthcare

World No Tobacco Day: The effects on your heart

Many people don’t realise the harm that tobacco use does to the heart, a leading cardiologist has warned
lung health

Now is the time to finally prioritise lung cancer

CEO of Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, Paula Chadwick, explains why it is now the time to finally prioritise lung health The events of Tuesday 21st November 2017 have the potential to change the lives of thousands of people in England. It was the day NHS England finally prioritised early...

Ambitious plan to reduce smoking rates in England published

The government has announced their plans to cut smoking rates in England among adults from 15.5% to no more than 12% by 2022
Smoking ban spares children serious illness

Smoking ban spares children serious illness

New research has revealed the smoking ban has prevented thousands of children from serious illness and reduced the number of hospital admissions The smoking ban, which was introduced in England in 2007, has prevented illness in thousands of children. Research published in the European Respiratory Journal examined hospital admission records of...

Why quitting smoking may not be a safe alternative to harm reduction

Last year saw the 50th anniversary of the US Surgeon General’s Report Smoking and Health and triggered global efforts to prevent tobacco use. Over those 5 decades, US smoking prevalence has fallen dramatically from around 45%1 to just over 18%2. Europe has seen similar falls, but there remain a...

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