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Social value: A better investment all round

Paul Styler, Director of Infrastructure Solutions, ETL, argues that social value can be a greater driver for investment over financial gain.
Institute of History

Identities in the Roman Empire – A complex problem and a lesson for today

Professor Felix K Maier discusses his research into how social identities correlated with the success of the Roman Empire.
social value act, levelling up

Levelling Up: How to create social value in 2022

This year, the government set out their vision for ‘levelling up’ the UK. Guy Battle, CEO, Social Value Portal, provides a response to the white paper and some words of wisdom for anyone looking to reduce inequality in their community.
Faculty of Arts - Womens & Gender Studies

Faculty of Arts – Women’s & Gender Studies

Women's & Gender Studies at the University of Alberta is home to feminist research, social justice studies, and engaging citizenship.
Social Value act

10 years of the Social Value Act

As 2022 marks 10 years since the Social Value Act came into force, Guy Battle, CEO, Social Value Portal takes stock of where we are, and how things look for the year to come.
social origins

Deepening our understanding on the ways in which social origins shape our lives

Elina Kilpi-Jakonen, Assistant professor and Scientific co-ordinator, University of Turku, explores how intergenerational social inequalities shape lives
technology services 3

Government’s technology procurement: TS3 focus

Simon Payne – Senior Vice President at Proxima argues that the UK Government’s technology procurement is moving in the right direction.
the tech community

How tech can drive social value and help build back stronger and better

Chris Gray, Chief of Public Sector at AND DIGITAL, discusses how the tech community must seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to drive greater social value and play its part in building back stronger and better.
sector procurement

Public sector procurement requires a new lens on value

Simon Payne, Client Director at Proxima, discusses the challenges that public sector procurement teams are facing and how they can deliver social value.
National Procurement Policy Statement

National Procurement Policy Statement

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) tells us what we need to know about the UK’s National Procurement Policy Statement.
public and private sector

Social value in the public & private sector

Peter Masonbrook from Faithful+Gould and Penny Anderson from Atkins discuss the role and importance of social value within the public and private sector.

Dynamics of Inequality Across the Life-course: structures and processes

Existing and rising inequalities pose fundamental challenges to European societies and economies, including wealth and COVID-19.
social value model

Why the Gov’s Social Value Model offers commercial benefits outside the public sector

Sarah Stone, Director of Samtaler, explores how the new Central Government Social Value Model can be used as a strong commercial driver for all organisations to develop a cohesive and more strategic Social Value offer.
charity sector

The importance of social value in the charity sector

Amy Franklin, Director of Operations – Central at Walking With The Wounded, examines the importance of social value in the charity sector.

Transgang is a new way of interpreting youth gangs

Transgang tackles the issue of transnational youth gangs, seeing them as an actor of mediation rather than a security problem.
social value in the public sector

Further insights into social value in the public sector

Adam Crampsie, Managing Director, Bloom Procurement Services provides additional insights when it comes to social value in the public sector.
Procurement Services

Bloom Procurement Services deliver £28 million in social value

Bloom Procurement Services has delivered over £28 million in social value activity in just one year, according to a new report.
Open Access Government October

Open Access Government October 2020

The October 2020 edition of Open Access Government speaks about global government policy issues, such as health & social care, research & innovation, digital transformation, economic development, international development, environment, energy and equality.
Social value in the public sector

Social value in the public sector

Adam Crampsie, Managing Director, Bloom Procurement Services directs our attention to social value in the public sector.

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