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Female school leavers fear negative perception of apprenticeships

New research from Arch Apprenctices has shown that 'negative perceptions' of apprenticeships are abundant amongst school leavers, especially females who worry about their perceived lack of academic credibility.
higher education

The decrease in adult learning: are we clued up on funding in higher education?

Despite evidence that adults who continue to learn after compulsory education experience better health and are more productive, the number of mature students returning to education continues to fall.
biological diversity

Recognising the important role of biodiversity

Pamela S. Soltis, Director, University of Florida Biodiversity Institute, reveals the key work being done in the U.S. to respond to the ‘biodiversity crisis’
work experience

Youth Select Committee 2018 calls for evidence on barriers to work experience

The Youth Select Committee announced a new inquiry into barriers to work experience on Tuesday (15 May). The Committee is calling for evidence from a wide range of witnesses, including businesses and charities, as well as young people who have been directly affected by these barriers
new gcse's

Pupils prepare to sit new gold-standard GCSE exams

To mark the start of exam season, hundreds and thousands of pupils throughout the UK will sit 20 new GCSE exams this week for the first time.
Brock University

Non-indigenous individuals’ responsibilities within higher education contexts

In this special report, Dawn Zinga focuses on exploring the responsibilities of non-Indigenous individuals within higher education settings. As a non-Indigenous scholar working in the area of Indigenous education, I spend a lot of my time thinking about my own role in perpetuating inequality within higher education and answering questions...
choosing a university

New research highlights top factors students consider when choosing a university

A study commissioned by SPCE labs, the research department of student lettings app SPCE has listed the most important factors that students take into consideration when choosing a university to attend.

Nearly 2 in 10 students have gone over their agreed overdraft limit

New YouGov research commissioned by Equifax *, the credit information provider, shows how much students rely on short-term debt, particularly overdraft facilities, to get them through university
interpersonal skills

Technology in education is hindering student’s interpersonal skills

According to a recent survey, over 50% of teachers believe that technology in the classroom has hindered the interpersonal skills of pupils the most
phishing scammers

More than £100,000 of Students’ loans has been stolen by phishing scammers

Study reveals students have been targeted more than 500 times by phishing scammers in two academic years

Adaptivity and Digitalisation Enables Learner Centred Learning

A couple of seasoned experts from TU Chemnitz explore digitalisation and individual learning progress, in this informative profile
Speech, language and communication

Speech, language and communication skills

Director of Education at I CAN, Deirdre Fitzpatrick turns the spotlight on speech, language and communication skills (SLCN) As I CAN’s Director of Education I’m proud to be able to say our schools, Dawn House School in Nottinghamshire and Meath School in Surrey, provide an environment where all children and...
university labels

Group mentality – is it time to move beyond broad brush university labels?

With many institutions still tied to the ‘former poly’ label, Jeremy Durrant at Instinctif Partners asks whether such groupings are still worthwhile A desire to classify, pigeon-hole, or aggregate in some way is not a new phenomenon in the higher education sector. From Redbricks to Russell Group, there are many...
student experience

Can UK Higher Education maintain the ‘student experience’ in the age of Brexit?

Robert Stoneman from GlobalData looks at how the UK can offer a unique and sought-after student experience during Brexit uncertainty
educational systems

Is inequality in educational systems ‘homemade’?

Inequality in educational systems is a complex issue based on interacting mechanisms, write Professor Dr Katharina Maag Merki and colleagues.
after-school progams

Effective after-school programs

Michelle Jutzi, M.A. & Prof. Dr. Katharina Maag Merki, University of Zurich discuss the role of after-school programmes in supporting student well-being and learning.

Treasury takes back £384m funding earmarked for schools

Funding promised to schools has been withdrawn by The Treasury, despite a cash flow problem in education

University dropout rates fall after the increase in tuition fees

A new report has examined the impact of increased tuition fees on the number of students completing university courses. In 2006 university tuition fees increased to around £3,000. The move, while highly contentious, has had at least one positive outcome: it has reduced the number of dropouts. A report carried out...

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