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Living with geo-resources and geo-hazards

Two of the key strategic topics on the European Committee’s Horizon 2020 Roadmap revolve around geo-resources and geo-hazards, and their impact on societal and economic development. On the way towards a better policy for sustainable geo-resources production – such as oil, gas, geothermal energy and groundwater, as well as...

Understanding thermal energy storage

Lindsay Wright, Policy Engagement Manager at the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), outlines the potential for thermal energy storage in the UK Thermal energy storage uses different technologies to collect heat for future use, whether that’s hours, days, or even months later. This can happen at building, district, town or regional...

Managing the transition to a sustainable energy future

There are five major challenges in transitioning to a sustainable energy future. First, scale; the energy system must supply adequate energy to meet the needs of the expected global population growth over the next century. Second, availability; our current energy system is largely dependent on finite, non-renewable energy resources...
Integrated farming delivers sustainable farming

Integrated farming delivers sustainability

Patrick Wrixon, President of the European Initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture (EISA) gives thought to integrated farming and its positive impact on the environment With global population growth, increased focus on addressing food security and concerns about environmental impact and biodiversity loss, it is essential that farming systems are...
A renaissance of cities – sustainable Germany

A renaissance of cities – sustainable Germany

Dr Barbara Hendricks, Federal Minister for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building & Nuclear Safety in Germany gives an overview of how her country is making ‘cities of the future’. Compared to Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolis with 36 million inhabitants, Germany’s largest city Berlin, with a population of 3.5 million, seems downright...

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