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The gas and oil industry has turned to technology to be more sustainable in today’s environmentally conscious world

It’s no secret that many people are demanding change where the environment is concerned. Numerous protests have taken place that has grabbed headlines everywhere, and people are actively making changes in their personal lives too. Millions are now more educated on the energy they use, how they use it, and how certain groups exploit it.

Therefore, people are watching the gas and oil industry with great interest. Some are keen to be critical; others are more curious as to how they can play a part in improving things. Consequently, here’s how they’re doing just that!

Emissions control

Contrary to popular belief, the gas and oil industry is perfectly aware of its effect on the environment. Until greener means of syphoning energy becomes more widely available however, their services will always be needed. Still, not one to avoid responsibility, gas and oil companies are utilising technology to help them curb their emissions.

One of the ways they’re doing this is by investing in equipment such as gas scrubbers, which is an installation that merges gas with a liquid. This process removes the harmful gaseous components from industrial exhaust streams. Ultimately, this technology helps carry out many of their processes in a much cleaner and more environmentally conscious way.

Limiting leaks

When it comes to the oil and gas business, leaks are an extremely disastrous and dangerous occurrence. Every spillage contributes in some form to pollution and the ultimate big bad, climate change, so it’s important the industry runs a tight ship. Ultimately, there’s not a lot of room for human error, as neither society or the environment is understanding nor forgiving when these things happen.

When there’s no room for the occasional bit of clumsiness, technology takes over. Micro refineries are brought in to make usable diesel fuel from wasted or even used oil, which also happens to be a cheaper solution than other methods of oil disposal. Further oil spills and breakdowns are also largely prevented, which gives people working in this sector a greater feeling of safety and control too.

Greater data usage

Any industry that blunders along won’t ever improve, and actually risks doing more harm than good. This is a principle that the gas and oil industry is taking to heart, and in today’s digitised world, factual and well-researched information is easier than ever to come by. One might think that, by now, the sector is stuck in their ways, but it is, in fact, the opposite that is true; they’re constantly innovating! But how?

Well, in the same way, that a tech SME will utilise SEO to gauge their performance, the gas and industry is investing greater time and money into smart analytics. Where’re accidents happening? Why’re they happening? Is there excess waste that can be reduced in any area? The answers to these questions are invaluable and are starting to be resolved, primarily through the industry-wide usage of smart analytics.

Put simply, they’re using technology to become more involved in how they do things. This will only yield positive results for the industry moving forward, as they can streamline their processes and better safeguard both themselves and the environment. Real change can start to commence, and it all begins from a place of being informed.


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