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electrical safety standards

Electrical safety standards to be improved for private tenants

Recommended new safety measures to better protect private tenants have been published for consultation
Cryptocurrency trade body

Cryptocurrency trade body formed by UK companies

Seven crypto companies operating in the UK have announced the formation of an independent cryptocurrency trade body
new homes

£45 million funding boost to build thousands of new homes

UK projects will receive funding to support the construction of thousands of new homes on council-owned land
farming industry

Government announce new measures to support the farming industry

A £10 million Collaboration Fund has been set up to help farmers and growers compete against bigger corporations in the food supply chain 

Government announces strong UK-China healthcare deals

Prime Minister Theresa May and Secretary of State Liam Fox have prompted many UK-China healthcare deals on their recent trip to China
tax-free childcare

Families to save thousands thanks to tax-free childcare

A new scheme announced today (14th February), opens tax-free childcare up to eligible working parents who have children under 12 years old Parents, including the self-employed, can apply online for Tax-Free Childcare by visiting Childcare Choices. Parents can also access the government’s childcare calculator through Childcare Choices, which helps parents to...

Government clamp down on ‘exploitative’ unpaid internships

The government has recently issued 550 warning letters to various employers across the UK in a bid to reduce the amount of unpaid internships in the country The letters aimed at employers who often advertise for unpaid internships, emphasises the current law and the complications for breaking it. Companies and organisations...
first-time buyers

First-time buyer count hits decade high in 2017

2017 saw the highest number of first-time buyers since 2006 according to the UK Finance’s latest mortgage trends update Mortgage lending for first-time buyers, home movers and buy to let purchases all fell in December 2017 compared to the previous year. However, 2017 overall saw the highest number of first-time buyers...
governmental artificial intelligence

Report highlights factors needed for responsible governmental artificial intelligence

Cambridge Consultants today unveiled five missing ingredients to responsible governmental artificial intelligence (AI) A new report, to be published at Mobile World Congress, states that while the research and application of AI techniques is quickly coming to the attention of governments across the globe, it often lacks the holistic framework...

Overcrowding is a growing concern according to The London Assembly

The London Assembly has called for a review of the London Housing Strategy as overcrowding becomes a growing issue A third of children in social housing and a quarter of children in private-rented accommodation live in overcrowded conditions. The London Assembly is concerned that without enough three and four-bedroom family-sized homes,...
smarter homes

Smarter homes for the elderly could save NHS and social care systems billions

Creating more modified homes could save the NHS and social care system over £2.5 billion a year according to a new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers The report, Healthy Homes: Accommodating an Ageing Population, calls for Government to introduce financial incentives for construction companies to build for older...
cost cap

London Assembly calls for £5,000 cost cap on landlord funding contribution

Assembly calls for Mayor to support the £5,000 cost cap in his Fuel Poverty Action Plan as an estimated million households are unable to heat their homes Around 9,000 people in the UK died last winter as a result of living in a cold home due to fuel poverty. A London...
food prices

Lords launch inquiry into post-Brexit food prices

The House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee have launched an inquiry into the impact of Brexit on the price, and availability, of food for UK consumers Thirty per cent of food consumed in the UK comes from the EU, including over 83% per cent of its fresh vegetables...
internet safety

UK government outlines steps to enhance internet safety

The prime minister has announced plans to make the UK the safest place to be online, making sure that what is illegal offline is illegal online As set out in the Internet Safety Strategy Green Paper which was published last year, the government is clear that abusive and threatening behaviour...
high energy prices

1 million more consumers will be protected from high energy prices

Ministers welcome protection from high energy prices to 1 million consumers by extension of Ofgem safeguard tariff cap Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry has welcomed the protection that 1 million more vulnerable consumers will get this winter from the extension of the energy regulator’ safeguard tariff cap. With the...
changing world of work

UK addresses the challenges of the changing world of work in the modern economy

Millions of workers will receive new rights under major government reforms as the UK addresses the challenges in the changing world of work The government has set out new proposals to ensure that workers know their rights and receive the benefits and protections they are entitled to, and that action...
Competitiveness Council in Bulgaria

Science Minister promotes joint working in science, research and innovation with EU Ministers

Science Minister Sam Gyimah met with European Research Ministers at the EU Competitiveness Council in Bulgaria Sam Gyimah highlighted the importance of international collaboration at the Research Day of the EU Competitiveness Council in Bulgaria, where he outlined his desire to see the principles of excellence, competitiveness and openness to...
open banking

FinTech Fortnight has partnered with The Open Banking Implementation Entity

FinTech Fortnight has returned to educate businesses on the growing importance of FinTech and Open Banking The Open Banking Implementation Entity has partnered with FinTech Fortnight to spread this message of empowerment to the UK, helping them get better deals and make smarter choices. All this is done through financial technology,...
digital divorce

Digital divorce applications are being tested across England and Wales

A fully online digital divorce application process is being tested across England and Wales for the first time The pilot scheme allows those who want to file for a divorce to apply online- making the process easier to understand and less stressful. Launched last year, the pilot initially allowed people seeking...
buy bitcoins

Lloyds Bank bans customers from using credit cards to buy bitcoins

Lloyds banking group has banned credit card customers from being able to buy bitcoins over fears it could lead to huge debt The group is thought to be the first bank in the UK to ban credit card customers from borrowing money to buy bitcoins due to its plunging value. The...

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