Tougher emission standards for vehicles announced by the EC

The European Commission has revealed tougher standards for cars and vans in a bid to cut transport emissions and improve air quality…

A new package of measures to reduce transport emissions caused by vehicles has been announced by the European Commission.

The UK, alongside other EU member states, has committed to cut 40 per cent greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 when compared to levels seen in 1990.

As part of the measures the EC will concentrate on reducing emissions caused by petrol and diesel engines. The adoption of electric cars will play a significant role in achieving this.

Another focus will be on improving infrastructure, alongside changing procurement rules for public sector fleets and company car tax. It is hoped this will make it more appealing to drive low or zero emission vehicles.

Transport commissioner Violeta Bulc said: “Transport accounts for a quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and is a main cause of air pollution.

“The transition to low-emission mobility is essential to reach the EU’s ambitious climate objectives and improve quality of life in cities.”

Pauline Bastidon, head of European policy at the Freight Transport Association, said: “An effective framework for low emission alternative energy and an adequate roll-out of infrastructure, are key for us and can go a long way in helping the logistics sector reduce its carbon footprint.”

She added: “The Commission needs to ensure that financial instruments providing guarantees to private investors are not the only source of funding available for new technologies.”


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