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child protection

More than 180 children are placed on child protection every day

Six classrooms worth of children are placed on child protection plans every day to keep them safe from harm, according to figured analysed by the LGA
Children's mental health

Children’s mental health in Africa

OAG examines the state of investment in and provision of adolescents and children’s mental health services in Africa.
child and family counselling

Child and family counselling during the COVID-19 pandemic

Kayoko ITO, a professor at Osaka Prefecture University, looks at child abuse among families during COVID-19 and the measures taken to combat it through child and family counselling.
unregistered children, education

There will be 100 million unregistered children worldwide, by 2030

Obstacles to registering births across Africa has led to millions of unregistered children – potentially preventing people from attaining essential human rights later in life.
child cohort network

EU Child Cohort Network: Harmonised data of 250,000 children & parents

European federated infrastructure and harmonised data of 250,000 children and parents sum up the LifeCycle Project – EU Child Cohort Network
children's services uk, children's social care

What does the future hold for children’s services?

Kirtpal Kaur Aujla, Partner at Bevan Brittan considers what the future holds for children’s services in the UK.
foster care breakdown

Children placed in foster care due to care breakdown

Kayoko Ito, Osaka Prefecture University, charts the verification of the ‘journey’ of placement for children placed in foster care due to care breakdown
uk infection rates, COVID

REACT study: UK infection rates rising in children under 17

UK infection rates are rising in children under the age of 17, while the epidemic in general is "neither growing nor shrinking".
GDPR Reform

UK GDPR Reform – buccaneering Britain goads the data protection bear

Julian Hayes, Partner, and Umar Azmeh, Associate, of BCL Solicitors LLP, examine the proposals for GDPR reform outlined in the government consultation on changes to the UK’s data protection regime.
Children’s Code

Online safety – the ICO’s Children’s Code

Julian Hayes, Partner at BCL Solicitors LLP, examines the new Children's Code in relation to online harms which came into force on September 2nd.
instagram for children, instagram

Mark Zuckerberg to create “Instagram for children” aged under 13

International child protection groups are speaking out about leaked plans for Facebook to create an "Instagram for children" - a separate version of the app, which would target children under the age of 13.
Psychological resilience in children

Psychological resilience in children during COVID-19

Dr Lucy Viney, Clinical Psychologist and Co-Founder of the Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic underlines the importance of building psychological resilience in children during the COVID-19 pandemic.
protecting children, digital

Rising to the challenge of protecting children in a digital world

In this in-depth analysis, PRIVO highlights the real solutions for protecting children online.
foster care

Lockdown abuse sees increase in children going into foster care

To find out about how the coronavirus lockdown is affecting the foster care system, MacNaught Digital spoke to the manager of the Bolton-based fostering agency Perpetual Fostering, Lisa Witter.
Coronavirus Act

Coronavirus Act: Detaining and isolating children

The new powers to detain and isolate ‘potentially infectious’ people under the Coronavirus Act are alarming enough when applied to adults – but how do they apply to children? John Binns, partner at BCL Solicitors LLP explores here.
protect children, digital age

How can we protect children in the digital age?

Here, Claire Quinn, VP of Compliance & DPO, CIPP/e at PRIVO, discusses the challenges of how to protect children in the digital age.
Online security

The importance of online security and privacy for children

Stuart Snape, Managing Partner, Graham Coffey & Co. Solicitors, provides his expert thoughts on the importance of online security and privacy for children under 13, including the key role parents play in this vein.
vulnerable to cybercriminals

Children are becoming more vulnerable to cybercriminals as IoT device use explodes

Parents often forget about the devices their kids take to school – the increasing number of which is making more children vulnerable to cybercriminals, here Kaspersky recommends tips to help ensure children are kept safe.
rohingya children, ethnic cleansing

Rohingya children: A ‘lost generation’ in Bangladesh

Two years after an ethnic cleansing forced around 700,000 Rohingya to flee Myanmar for Bangladesh, where Rohingya children are still living in camps.
protection of elephants

World Elephant Day: UK funding supports the protection of elephants

UK Government funding is successfully supporting the protection of elephants - helping local livelihoods, ecosystem function and global biodiversity.

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