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artificial tear substitutes, dry eye

Polymers and polymer-based drug delivery in the treatment of dry eye disease

Professor Heather Sheardown, C20/20 Ophthalmic Materials Innovation Hub, Department of Chemical Engineering, McMaster University, explores how polymers can be used to treat dry eye disease.
Diabetes monitoring

Diabetes monitoring and drug delivery innovation fields: The scenario for big technology synergy

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechVision Group provides a market perspective on the diabetes monitoring and drug delivery innovation fields and explains why these are a scenario for big technology synergy
University of Texas Health

Mathematical Modeling of Drug Delivery via Nanoparticles in Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a complex and heterogeneous disease. Despite all efforts to fight cancer, it continues to impact every segment of society. For example, many patients fail conventional cancer therapies, including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery; and it is still difficult for physicians to predict a treatment outcome with certainty.
multiple sclerosis drug, multiple sclerosis treatment

Ukrainian patients lose access to multiple sclerosis drug trial

Biotechnology giant Roche warns that multiple sclerosis (MS) drug trials are compromised in Ukraine - with patients losing access to crucial treatment.
drug use

NHS Digital calls on schools to take part in Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use...

NHS Digital is calling on secondary schools to take part in the Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use among young people in England survey.
Healthcare delivery

COVID-19: Healthcare delivery and digital solutions

Fintan Grant, NHS Digital’s Programme Head for Medicines and Pharmacy charts the recent change in the speed of healthcare delivery in light of COVID-19 including the importance of digital solutions.
COVID-19 test kits

A compliance verification package for end-to-end delivery of COVID-19 test kits

Genevieve Leveille, CEO of UK firm 08 Group and Co-Chair of the TechUK DLT Working Group, collaborates with digital health tech companies to deliver verified-safe China-sourced Covid-19 test kits at scale.
drug monitoring in cancer

Point-of-care devices for therapeutic drug monitoring in cancer treatment and beyond

DiaChemo is a European project developing a platform technology for point-of-care devices for therapeutic drug monitoring in cancer treatment and beyond, reveals Dr Silke Krol, Head of the Translational Nanotechnology Lab and Coordinator of the DIACHEMO Project.
therapeutic drug monitoring

Point-of-care devices technology for therapeutic drug monitoring in cancer treatment and beyond

Christian Siebel and Dott.ssa Bianca Posocco detail the work of DIACHEMO, a Euroepan project developing a platform technology for point-of-care devices for chemotherapeutics and other drugs.

Drug development for cancer and inflammatory disease

Sumith A Kularatne, Vice President of Research and Development at On Target Laboratories shares the research strides he has made in drug development
next generation cancer immunotherapy

Nano DDS technology contributes to next-generation cancer immunotherapy

Dr Takashi Nakamura from Hokkaido University challenges the potential of nano-tech based drug delivery system (Nano DDS) in the development of next-generation cancer immunotherapy.
cancer therapeutics, cellular phenotypes

A new wave of molecular cancer therapeutics

Hernando Lopez-Bertoni, explores the new wave of molecular cancer therapeutics and states the case for learning the mechanisms as a pro, so one can target them as an artist.
ophthalmic conditions

Academic and translational research for ophthalmic conditions

Professor Sheardown shows C20/20 Innovation Hub at McMaster University leading the way for ophthalmic academic and translational research
technological advances diabetes

Can technological advances optimise diabetes management?

Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, Frost & Sullivan, explores if technological advances optimise diabetes management
miRNAs in brain cancer therapy

miRNAs in brain cancer therapy – Mighty things from small beginnings grow

Dr Hernando Lopez-Bertoni at the Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins School of medicine, discusses the development of miRNAs in brain cancer therapy

C20/20 Innovation Hub – Facilitating Ophthalmic Technologies

The C20/20 Innovation Hub is your partner research organisation, facilitating the successful development and commercialisation of ophthalmic technologies.
vision-related conditions

Treating vision-related conditions

Professor Heather Sheardown from McMaster University provides detail about treating vision-related conditions, including injectable, in situ gelling systems.
brain cancer therapeutics

Brain cancer therapeutics: Overcoming the barriers

Sean E. Lawler PhD from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, sheds light on overcoming the barriers when it comes to brain cancer therapeutics.

Cristophe Drouet – CIRIMAT / CBC Carnot Institute

Prof. Christophe Drouet is a French CNRS Senior Scientist, leader of the “Phosphates, Pharmacotechnics, Biomaterials” research group at the CIRIMAT Institute, University of Toulouse, France Main research fields include the physico-chemistry and thermochemistry of natural and synthetic (bio)minerals and the study of their surface reactivity in view of the setup...
supramolecular nanomachines, enzymes

Molecular intelligence: The rise of supramolecular nanomachines

Prof Dr Daniela A. Wilson from the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM) tells us what we need to know about molecular intelligence – the rise of supramolecular nanomachines with controlled shape and motility.

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