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Abstract white equilibrium

Emergent dimensionality: Exploring all possible (and unobservable) extra dimensions

Dr Szymon Łukaszyk, Łukaszyk Patent Attorneys, explains emergent dimensionality, exotic R4, ‘life as the explanation of the measurement problem’, and personal motivations.

The spikiness of the density of states in quasicrystals

The spikiness of the electronic density of states in quasicrystals is believed to be inherent to QCs and so-called approximants (APs) to QCs.
abstract scientific background, fair data protons and neutrons

Making fair data a reality for photons and neutrons

Andy Götz, the coordinator of PaNOSC for ESRF, looks at FAIR data – an initiative to deliver research data to the scientific community to use.
figure 1, Ultrananocrystalline Diamond

Ultrananocrystaline diamond (UNCD™) coatings for new generations high-tech/ medical devices/prostheses

Materials science, integration strategies, properties and more for the unique biocompatible Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD™) coating.
Robotic arms working on assembly line of appliance manufacturing factory.

Kinematic redundancy: Kinetics for use with redundant manipulators

Kousuke Okabe, an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, explores kinematic redundancy and the redundant manipulator using the Grassmann algebra.

Pioneers project: Looking inside planetary interiors

PIONEERS European project develops the next generation of instruments that will reveal planetary interiors, explains Professor Raphael F. Garcia from ISAE-SUPAERO.

The 3d structure of hadrons and origin of the proton’s spin

The Fundamental Pieces of Visible Matter: Offering an Unprecedented Insight into the 3D Structure of Hadrons and the Proton Spin Puzzle.
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The Standard Model (SM) and the goal of force unification

The unification of gravitational, Strong and Weak Forces has been a long-sought goal [1-3]. In general, force unification refers to the idea that it is possible to view all of the forces of nature as manifestations of one single, all-encompassing force.
Figure : Joint European Torus (JET), credit UKAEA

Materials for fusion reactors: Containing a star on Earth

Experimental metallurgy research: Structural materials to withstand the extreme temperatures inside nuclear fusion reactors.
abstract image: Doctor and AI, individualized metabolomics

Managing chronic disease with individualized metabolomics & artificial intelligence

Christopher Gerner from the Joint Metabolome Facility at the University of Vienna, Austria, walks us through what we need to know about managing chronic disease by individualized metabolomics & artificial intelligence.
Math functions and thermodynamics calculations in book

Thermodynamics: The New Theory of Everything?

Chris Jeynes ponders the reality of the Arrow of Time (the Second Law of Thermodynamics) and how it conditions the basic laws of physics.

Search for long-range magnetic order in quasicrystals

Zbigniew M. Stadnik, Professor at the University of Ottawa in the Department of Physics, looks at the magnetic order in quasicrystals

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