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Jean-Michel Letennier, President and CEO of Atomic Information Systems (AIS) Corporation, outlines how their software solutions can change how organisations think

AIS Corporation is a full service application software development firm with its headquarters in Delaware County, New York. It was founded in 2015 by several industry veterans and is continuing to develop ‘AtomicDB’, a radically new disruptive state-of-the-art associative database technology.

AtomicDB will greatly alter the way people can consolidate, aggregate, merge, correlate, investigate and manage large information data-sets.

This technology is a descendant of research done by the US Air Force in 1964, revised again by the US Navy in 2008. Welcome to the quantum ‘associative technology’ supporting green technology.

We are more than just disruptive; we are developing massive engineered solutions that are highly efficient and effective. So much so, that companies who subscribe to our software solutions must now find ways to spend their time that was consumed prior to using our solutions.

Challenges we address:

Challenges addressed by AIS Corporation

Company vision

AIS Corp’s vision is to finally be able to fulfil the original dreams of the efficiency of computer science, which to date, has been limited by the relational database paradigm.

Our great aim is to approach enduring status by creating a new market and changing how organisations think. It will provide the impetus for simplifying and creating new ways of living, thinking, doing business or solving problems that we didn’t know existed. The next generation of companies will not shake up existing foundations, but create new ones!

We are driven by the most obvious adage that ‘data is power’ and the ‘best leaders have the best data’. We provide the next generation of technology that will help store, manage and deal with massive amounts of data. Exabytes of data is what we are talking about!

Leverage the capabilities of AtomicDB to innovate, integrate and re-engineer:

  • The operating system;
  • How computer memory and storage is used for information management;
  • Information privacy;
  • Data security;
  • Information technology solutions and services are made available to individuals and organisations using peer-to-peer architecture.

AtomicDB core technology advantages

  • Simplify, manage and implement big data solutions;
  • Easily and accurately aggregate and correlate data;
  • Address data security and privacy concerns;
  • Significantly reduce application development cost;
  • Lower energy consumption by reducing technology infrastructure needs;
  • Consolidate multiple data warehouse into a single instance.


  • Electronic health records;
  • Banking and finance;
  • Data security and compliance;
  • Social media and privacy;
  • Internet of Things (IoT);
  • Empowering through crypto-currency.

How we can help

  • Breaking down the silos by creating a single instance data warehouse repository or custom data collections allowing cross integration of organisations and systems;
  • Database technology platform for building a peer-to-peer and customer-centric solution which can be associated with everything and anything the customer or organisation chooses to be connected and related too;
  • Driving efficiency through integrated services thus allowing true IoT;
  • Driving sustainable cost reduction from infrastructure optimisation, simplification, operational efficiency and reduction in time and human resources.

Our value proposition:

AIS Corporation value proposition

Our Products


We are launching a preview version of AtomicDBOnline which is powered by AtomicDB.  ADBO is an on-line Data Warehouse as a service (SaaS), which is currently being offered to early adapters by invitation only.


  • Phase 1 is scheduled to be released in Q4 2016;
  • Allow potential customers to experiment and try out;
  • Seamlessly aggregate and correlate from various data sources.

AtomicDB enterprise edition

We are developing an enterprise version which will be approximately 1000 times more efficient and capable of dealing with Exabyte’s of data in a single instance storage. This is a collaborative effort with our development partners and will use the next generation CPU, nano memory & storage technologies and operating systems to overcome current hardware limitations.


  • Phase 2 is scheduled to be released in 2017;
  • Designed to aggregate and correlate petabytes of data;
  • Designed to cater to large big-data systems in the world.

Our Development Partners

Hamlet Group

The founders of Hamlet Group are helping to turnaround the hospitals and clinics across US into profit making businesses by building a patient-centric health record system and consolidating multiple healthcare systems into a unified solution.

Group FiO

Group FiO is a leading provider of Innovative Business Solutions specialising in cloud based Multi-Tenant ERP, CRM, Order Management and Retail applications.


Novachips is a leading provider of a broad range of Flash storage processors and storage drives with breakthrough capacity and scalability.


Gencodestudio is a development studio that creates hi-tech games, e-learning and 3D graphics software for computers and mobile devices.

Jean-Michel Letennier

President & CEO

Atomic Information Systems (AIS) Corporation

Tel:+1 (800) 658 0545

Please note: this is a commercial profile


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