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Norwegian company DiaGraphIT reveals more about a successful collaboration on sensor technology with the Irish Insight Centre for Data Analytics

In our previous article about GoTreatIT®, we described how our company – DiaGraphIT – is constantly innovating as a part of our daily work. We have been searching for ways to bring us closer to the goal of giving patients 100% control and monitoring of their condition.

This search brought us all the way to Ireland and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway. For the past six months, DiagraphIT has been engaged in a project with Insight with the aim of selecting a personal sensing device to connect to the GoTreatIT® system.

The goal was to identify a device that could be worn by patients and communicate with the GoTreatIT® system. This would allow for remote monitoring of physical activity and physiological parameters of the patients. Transmission of this data to GoTreatIT® means data can be reviewed directly by the patient’s clinician for ongoing treatment.

Insight Centre for Data Analytics

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics was a great fit for DiagraphIT. The Centre is a 400 strong data research body hosted across four universities (NUI Galway, University College Dublin, University College Cork and Dublin City University) with particular strength in the field of connected health. The Centre also works with sensor developers for a wide range of applications, such as smart cities, agritech and logistics. Applying sensor technology for clinical use is a core activity at the Centre. Researchers at Insight regularly work at the interface between industry and patient care, to deliver solutions that meet the demands of both.

Established by Science Foundation Ireland in 2013, the Insight Centre brings together Ireland’s large community of world class data researchers to work across disciplines and to partner with industry and international research consortia. With an expert business support team, the Centre is structured to identify and meet the needs of industrial partners.

The application of research in the selection process

Faced with a huge number of candidate personal sensing devices available on the internet, DiagraphIT turned to Insight to make use of a research based method of device selection in order to narrow the field.

Insight researchers made use of a framework which was developed in consultation with experts in different evaluation domains. Researchers also engaged with industry members throughout the development process to ensure this tool attended to real user requirements.

Insight researchers also worked closely with DiagraphIT’s technical staff and with recommended clinicians already familiar with the GoTreatIT® system.

DiagraphIT’s technical team supplied suggestions as to the integration of personal sensing devices and the mechanisms by which data could be transferred from these devices into the GoTreatIT backend.

Next phase of GoTreatIT®

The clinicians were interviewed by the Insight representatives following a structured set of questions designed to help them identify core requirements to support their intended usage of the devices. This exercise helped to clearly define the application requirements and provide documentation of the rationale for choosing a particular device, making it possible to justify or revisit these decisions in the future. The primary concern was that the outcome would reflect a systematic and rigorous evaluation.

Devices were evaluated according to 6 different domains: Background information, cost and supply information, regulatory compliance, scientific evidence, technical evaluation, and human factors.

Current devices on the market were found to be of questionable accuracy and therefore of limited clinical value. However, DiagraphIT were eventually able to identify a suitable device with which to begin the next phase of the project: Integration and testing with the GoTreatIT® system.

Collaborations of this type are rewarding for both partners. For DiagraphIT, working with Insight gives the company access to world class researchers, spearheading development in connected health, sensor technology and more importantly data analytics. The collaboration provides deep interaction and the rapid development of task-specific technology that is scalable with the growth of DiaGraphIT.  Cooperation with industry is of great importance for Insight, who aim to conduct research that will result in the development of innovative products to meet future challenges.

Tone Speilberg Birkenes

Managing Director

DiaGraphIT AS

PJ Mealy

Research Associate

Insight Centre for Data Analytics

Marc Mellotte

Applied Innovation

Insight Centre for Data Analytics

National University of Ireland Galway

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