JCB has launched a new lacquer safety coating product which is designed to reduce the transmission of diseases such as coronavirus

The JCB Hydrogels range includes a new product called Hydrogel 259 which is designed to kill bacteria, to protect against viruses such as Coronavirus, MRSA, MSSA, E. coli, Influenza H1N1 and Murine Norovirus, as soon as they come into contact with a surface.

Commercial testing of COVID-19

Commercial testing is not yet available but Hydrogel 259 has been tested against a strain of Coronavirus from the same family of COVID-19 in third party laboratory testing and showed a 96.84% reduction in Coronavirus count within 30 minutes of contact and a 99.71% reduction in Coronavirus count within 60 minutes of contact

However definitive scientific confirmation of the effectiveness of Hydrogel 259 against COVID-19 can only be provided once it has been released to commercial testing laboratories.

Matthew Seal of JCB said: “Each JCB Hydrogel in the range has each been individually tested and certified by independent laboratories to ensure efficacy. We are now looking for distributors to partner with our official licensee across the world who can stock and distribute large quantities to ensure global availability of these products.”

The lacquer can be applied to painted or unpainted clean and dry surfaces, free from dust, dirt or moisture, including metal, wood, glass, plastic and sealed masonry and should be applied annually to ensure protection.

The full range of products include:

  • HYDROGEL 135: A clear intumescent providing fire resistance that slows and potentially prevents the char front.
  • HYDROGEL 257: Kills bacteria including MRSA, MSSA and E.coli.
  • HYDROGEL 259: Kills bacteria and effective against viruses including MRSA, MSSA, E.coli, Influenza H1N1, Murine Norovirus and Coronavirus.
  • HYDROGEL 262: Kills Equine bacteria and effective against viruses including Strep Equi Equi (Strangles) and EHV-1 and EHV-4.
  • HYDROGEL 392: A clear non-slip coating for floors, steps and treads.

International patents are currently pending for the full range of JCB Hydrogels products.


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