A selection of 11 MEPs from across the political spectrum have called on “industry, researchers and decision-makers” to pay closer attention to the potential dangers of “very powerful artificial intelligence” in a new open letter

As technology continues to develop at light speed, many are concerned that policy is not keeping up and are demanding closer attention be paid to the ever-changing landscape of AI technologies.

“Human-centric, safe and trustworthy” are a few of the ways 11 European parliament members are asking the EU’s AI act be formed in their new open letter.

The signing members explain that “Regulation, covering the entire EU market, could serve as a blueprint for other regulatory initiatives in different regulatory traditions and environments around the world.”

The European Commission set out its strategy on AI in 2021, which included the development of an AI Act that it plans to serve as a blueprint for coordinated global governance related to AI technologies.

Connecting U.S and EU policy on “very powerful artificial intelligence” control

The letter also called on European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and US President Joe Biden to convene a high-level summit, with the view “to agree on a preliminary set of governing principles for the development, control and deployment of very powerful artificial intelligence.”

The MEPs explain the need for “a complimentary set of primary rules for the development and deployment of powerful General Purpose AI systems.”

International worries about the future of artificial intelligence

The open letter illustrates not only a need for regulation across the EU for AI technologies but also internationally. With so many MEPs across the political spectrum signing, it becomes apparent there is a universal worry about the changing landscape of AI and what the future could hold.

“Call on democratic countries to reflect on potential systems of governance overusing, co-creation and support for the development of very powerful artificial intelligence; invite other countries, including non-democratic ones. To exercise restraint and responsibility in their pursuit of very powerful artificial intelligence.”

“Together we can steer history in the right direction”


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