£16 million fund awarded for UK and India research and innovation partnership

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The UK and India research and innovation partnership will focus on numerous topics, including earthquakes, animal health and AI

UKRI has strong relationships with funding partners in India, which could boost collaboration between the UK and India across a wide spectrum of research and innovation.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the Government of India launched the UK-India Science and Innovation Council (SIC) in April 2023, announcing four joint programmes signed at the UK-India Science Innovation Council meeting in Parliament.

The UK and India research and innovation partnership will help facilitate new joint research programmes, following the UK’s initial £119 million International Science Partnerships Fund.

Two projects will be funded through the new International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF)

  • Improving farmed animal health and welfare to boost understanding of infectious diseases and resistance to treatment: This £5 million UK funding will be matched by India, for research into Farmed Animal Diseases and Health
  • Industrial research and development for sustainability, focusing on sustainable materials and manufacturing, or power electronics, machines, and drives

What other agreements have been made between the UK and India?

  • The creation of UK and India ‘Net Zero Innovation Virtual Centre’, which will host a Hydrogen Valley and Industrial Decarbonisation Living Lab, aiming to decarbonise manufacturing and transport
  • Joint research programmes on sustainability and solid earth hazards
  • An plan to launch a partnership for decarbonising India’s pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries
  • A programme of UK-India university partnerships, including one between Aston University and CSIR Dehradun on sustainable biofuels.
  • The Fourth annual meeting of the RS/INSA Yusuf Hamied programme: promoting relationships and knowledge exchanges between UK and Indian researchers

The importance of global collaboration in a shrinking world

UKRI’s Chief Executive, Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser said: “International collaboration in research and innovation benefits all involved, bringing together expertise and resources to go farther faster.

“The collaborations announced today span a wide spectrum of research and innovation, including environmental sustainability, food security and AI, with benefits that will be realised in the UK, India and across the world.”

Director Designate of UKRI India, Sukanya Kumar said: “This is a moment to celebrate the deep and extensive relationship between UKRI and India.

“This is a moment to celebrate the deep and extensive relationship between UKRI and India.”

“In addition to driving research and innovation excellence, our partnership with India brings positive impact to the lives of people in both our countries and across the globe. The new co-investment will pave the way for more joint research and innovation, which will drive sustainable growth and prosperity in the years ahead.

“The UK-India SIC takes place every two years alternating between London and New Delhi. As a result of the pandemic, this was the first SIC since 2018.

“The purpose of these meetings is to jointly review research and innovation partnerships between the UK and India and set the agenda for future collaboration.

“During the SIC, the Ministers undertook to work closely together in research and innovation, including during G20, which India is currently hosting.”


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