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When you pass through the doors of the Alexanderson Institute in Sweden, it is like setting foot in an advanced international development lab. In this higher education institute, new and exciting methods are created to promote future growth, as we now discover

The Alexanderson Institute is a part of Centrum För Livslång Lärande (Cll), Municipality Of Varberg, Sweden. So, what is unique about our approach at the Alexanderson Institute? In a word, it’s openness. Every window is wide open. We are always looking for the best sources of experience and knowledge, while continuously developing new tools. We mix everyday ingredients of many and varying kinds, and we are happy to let others contribute to the result. We season with untested approaches and new solutions. There is a great deal of fresh thinking in everything we do at the Alexanderson Institute.

But creativity does not automatically lead to success. Instead, development is driven by experimentation, while also letting those around us contribute, become engaged and judge what we do – often receiving a surprise or two in the process.

The important thing is that the results of these efforts provide insight, vitality and value to others. We want everyone who contributes to help ensure the results are passed on. That is how organic development is created.

Revolutionary years

Ten years have passed since the official opening of the Alexanderson Institute, or AI as we call it.

The concept of “Competitive Knowledge” is central to the Institute’s philosophy. Our interpretation is clear: we always start from the conditions and needs of those around us before adding the value and benefit that is demanded. We have pursued this approach in real-life situations – with striking results. Right from the beginning, we had a strong position, enjoying goodwill within the EU-financed projects we participated in. And throughout these years, we have strengthened our position.

Today, we are seen as a potential partner in many of the development programmes that established organisations compete to take part in. The reason for this is largely thanks to the way we successfully deliver value for money.

It is through this funding and the tangible benefits offered by international networks that value is created for us in our region and in the regions we work with. It’s about give and take – and building confidence between people.

The three WISE Ms

We are constantly striving to clarify not only our role in the complex interplay of synergies around the development of the region but also how business and public organisations can expect to benefit.

We explain this through our three Ms – mediator, meeting place and a motor for competitive knowledge. Our activities revolve around these concepts. The Alexanderson Institute facilitates the flow of knowledge, experience and competence. We offer an infrastructure for creating meetings and networks, which, in turn, generate new ideas, methods, business and returns. The motor, the third component, is a result of the other two.

A position in the value society

The Alexanderson Institute is located in the region of Halland, Sweden. This is where we have our roots and where we wish to share our success.

Equally important for the future is being part of the same value region. Today, value solidarity is even more important than physical solidarity – thanks to the rapid growth of digital infrastructure. For the first time in history, groups of individuals, companies and organisations can establish value links in new ways.

Who is to say that a person or company, or even a municipality, derives the greatest benefit from its closest neighbours, when it is just as easy, or even easier, to maintain contact and exchange experience with kindred spirits on the other side of the world?

Thanks to its growing international networks, the Alexanderson Institute has created strong links to a value-based region. Every day, we meet people and organisations who are on the same wavelength as we are – and who want to partner with us in developing the future.

In Halland, we are the leading player in the new international value arenas. We open doors. We give all those in our networks access to these arenas. And this is just the beginning.

A growing knowledge organisation

The Alexanderson Institute and Campus Varberg are developing in tandem and have built up unique network-based structures. The Alexanderson Institute is in collaboration with governmental and regional platforms, municipalities, universities and national SME’s, and is involved in several key EU projects. Campus Varberg through the university programme and vocational college, in conjunction with other seats of learning, are complemented by key contacts in business and the public sector.


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