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migrant boats

Home secretary argues the Rwanda deal is “founded on compassion”

Home secretary Suella Braverman continues to push for the Rwanda deal, where all illegal migrants will either be located back to their home countries – or to the central African country.
Cairo aerial View and Nile River in Egypt

Exploring and understanding Egypt’s sustainable initiatives

Luma Saqqaf, CEO of Ajyal Sustainability Consulting, walks us through Egypt’s sustainable initiatives, especially Egypt Vision 2030.
innovation in africa and EU

It is time to boost innovation in Africa and Europe

A new sustainable business and digital hub for innovation stakeholders from across Africa and Europe known as the EiA Centre has begun operation in Cape Town.
bleeding finger after puncture for free hiv test, intimate partner violence

HIV is more likely for women suffering from intimate partner violence

Women who experience recent intimate partner violence are three times more likely to contract HIV in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa.
Doctor Measuring Patients Blood Pressure

Reducing the burden of cardiovascular diseases in Africa

Dr Prebo Barango and Prof Jean-Marie Dangou from the WHO Regional Office for Africa argue that reducing the burden of cardiovascular diseases in Africa is imperative.
Aerial view of lush, green perennial rice field, taken from drone

What is perennial rice and why is it making history?

It may have taken more than 9,000 years of cultivation, but annual paddy rice is now available as a long-lived perennial rice.
Dry cracked land and drying river and Green abundance of crop plant and trees metaphoric World climate change and Ecological collapse.

3 ways COP27 could deliver Africa’s needs for climate adaptation

Localising, re-building and increasing financial innovation could aid Africa with its adaptation to climate change in upcoming COP27 discussions.
Egyptians pyramids and people on camels against a blue sky

Egypt’s priorities as COP27 president

30 years on from the adoption of the UNFCCC, Egypt will take on the role of COP27 president with a pledge to turn words into action on climate change.
Watch bread delivery in old Cairo, Egypt

COP27: Equitable green transport in Africa and the Global South

COP27 will see an action agenda on green transport, highlighting the importance of moving transportation away from traditional fossil fuels and toward electrification.
world health organisation worker in Africa during covid-19

The global picture of Tuberculosis: A view from WHO

Experts Dr Michel Gasana & Dr Frank Lule from World Health Organization – Regional Office for Africa, provide an update on the global picture of Tuberculosis.
Table mountain view with power lines in the foreground, Plattekloof, Capetown, South Africa.

COP27: Africa’s agenda for an energy transition

When discussing African development and climate change at COP27, Africa needs to be supported by an agenda for its energy transition.
cop27, climate change

Egypt’s COP27 vision: mitigation, adaption, and finance

Hosting the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Egypt prepares for COP27. Here’s the breakdown:.
Children's mental health

Children’s mental health in Africa

OAG examines the state of investment in and provision of adolescents and children’s mental health services in Africa.
genomic characterisation, Tanzania

Genomic characterisation for improved responses to dengue outbreaks in Tanzania

Gaspary Mwanyika from the SACIDS Foundation for One Health, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania details the importance of genomic characterisation in the control of dengue.
rwanda deportation flight, asylum seekers

Rwanda deportation flight cancelled due to ECHR court ruling

Overruling by the ECHR has left the Rwanda deportation flight grounded in the UK, where asylum seekers are to face longer legal challenges with the Home Office.
health worker shortage, healthcare

Global health worker shortage could deny millions of people healthcare

Over 43 million additional health workers are needed to cover the health worker shortage globally, due to political unrest, violence, and lack of training.
girls in education, sub-saharan africa

Language can be a barrier for girls in education in Sub-Saharan Africa

Girls in education are at a higher chance of success at school in Sub-Saharan Africa if they can already speak ­­English – as taught language can affect academic accomplishment.
unregistered children, education

There will be 100 million unregistered children worldwide, by 2030

Obstacles to registering births across Africa has led to millions of unregistered children – potentially preventing people from attaining essential human rights later in life.
covid-19 response, hiv pandemic

Global COVID-19 responses could help to end HIV

Global COVID-19 responses could serve as a coordinated approach to end the HIV pandemic - bettering global immunisation to both viruses.
food allergy Africa, Non-IgE mediated allergy

Food allergy in Africa

What information is available for food allergy in Africa?

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