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Close-up of nurse taking care about elderly person

Fall prevention: preventing 1 million falls in the UK by 2030

Falls cost the UK £4.4 billion per year. Smplicare is on a mission to transform fall prevention and prevent 1 million of those falls by 2030.
abstract open source software

How open source software is transforming public sector culture as well as digital services

Will Huggins, CEO of Zoocha, reflects on the growing influence of open source software across public sector organisations and teams.
businessman typing for communication connecting to data ai internet social network online by using laptop computer and smartphone

5 ethical AI considerations to future proof your business

The main ethical challenges of AI fall into four broad categories; digital amplification, discrimination, security and control and inequality.
Futuristic Data center. Big Data analytics platform. Quantum processor in the global computers network

The road to quantum-enabled cybersecurity

Dr Francis Gaffney, Senior Director – Mimecast Labs & Future Operations at Mimecast, charts the road to quantum-enabled cybersecurity.
High-technology used in AI medical equipment for healthcare

What are the pros and cons of implementing AI in healthcare?

AI in healthcare covers a wide range of assistance to health systems and workers, but what are the specific benefits and downfalls of its adoption?
quantum computing pitfall, public sector

Government’s next big task? Avoiding the quantum computing pitfall

David Mahdi, Chief Strategy Officer and CISO Advisor at Sectigo, explores what could be the government’s next big task and avoiding the quantum computing pitfall.
unhappiness, social media

Unhappiness on Instagram: Can we train algorithms to detect it?

Researchers are developing algorithms to detect unhappiness on social media, which identify the basic needs of users from the content they share.
tiktok algorithm, mental health risk

TikTok algorithm harms mental health via “unrealistic beauty standards”

A study analyses adolescent opinions on the mental health benefits and risks of the TikTok algorithm, like "excessive use" and "unrealistic beauty standards".
women in economics,

Only 25% of global senior-level positions held by women in economics

Women are noticeably underrepresented in many academic professions, with a distinct lack of women in economics – particularly in universities.
mortgage lenders, minority groups

Racist mortgage lenders charge 8% higher interest to ethnic minorities

Borrowers from minority groups were charged 8% higher interest rates from mortgage lenders and were rejected for loans 14% more often than those from privileged groups.
toddlers use tiktok, social media

Ofcom reveals that 16% of British toddlers use TikTok

According to Ofcom, 16% of British toddlers use TikTok - while one third of children between the ages of five and seven use the social media platform.
girls STEM education, education sector

Learning with technology in public and higher education

Dean Emeritus Katy Campbell, University of Alberta, discusses the future of girls and women in STEM education.
industrial robots, artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence-based technology in industrial robots

Kensuke Harada from Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, provides an introduction to and analysis of a move towards artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology in industrial robots.
facebook and instagram, russian investigative committee

Russia say using Facebook and Instagram now illegal

The Russian Government said anyone in Russia using Facebook and Instagram would be prosecuted similarly to an ISIS terrorist.
long covid test, immune monitoring

Could immune monitoring be the route to a Long COVID test?

Dr. Shivani Amdekar, Medical Director at Oxford Immune Algorithmics, believes deep immune monitoring could be the key to creating a Long COVID test.
improve healthcare, collective intelligence

The potential of collective intelligence to improve healthcare

Kathy Peach, Director at Nesta’s Centre for Collective Intelligence Design, discusses the potential to improve healthcare.
image search gender bias

Google’s image search gender bias shows underrepresentation of women

Google image searches of certain professions, such as “CEO”, have been found to solely represent men – Google claimed to have fixed this – but the results can change searchers’ worldviews.
autism boys girls, autism symptoms

Diagnostic differences between boys and girls with autism

Using AI, researchers find that brain organisation can differ between boys and girls with autism - because of gender disparities in generally male-focused research.
digital platform, digital

Solution to make “non-standard employment” sustainable

Giuseppe Guerini discusses platform cooperatives for the digital age: a solution to making "non-standard employment" sustainable, and to sharing their value chains.
omic research, IMforFUTURE

Training the next generation of omics researchers

Dr Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat (statistics) and Dr Gastone Castellani (biophysics) from the University of Bologna, Italy, organised innovative interdisciplinary training in multi-omics research within the IMforFUTURE project, which focused on communication between wet and dry lab.

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