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climate change adaptation, Impact Factor

Climate Services – the latest science for practice

Daniela Jacob, Director of Institute Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS), explains how the Climate Services journal brings us the latest details about science for practice.
warning images obesity, sugary drinks

Could warning images on products deter childhood obesity?

A study finds that parents are less likely to buy sugary drinks when they have warnings about health on their labels – reducing sugary drink purchases by 17%.
morning exercise, evening exercise

Morning versus evening exercise: Does the time matter?

Scientists say exercising at different times can benefit the body in different ways because of circadian rhythm, and can even help to fix a faulty body clock.
antibody-like proteins, COVID-19 viruses

Shark antibody-like proteins could neutralise COVID-19 viruses

Antibody-like proteins from the immune systems of sharks could help to prepare for future coronaviruses, according to new research.
wave science, gravitational

Gravitational wave science in Europe: Einstein Telescope and beyond

Professor Thomas Hertog at the KU Leuven discusses why black holes matter in this Gravitational wave science in Europe focus that includes comment on the Einstein Telescope and beyond.
AI agents, bioss international

AI agents and ‘choose-ables’

Dr Lorraine Dodd of Bioss International discusses understanding the limitations of AI agents in terms of their potential for choice-making, and explains how the study of choose-ables could enhance them.

Reading motivation: The impact on child and adolescent education

Andrea Bertschi-Kaufmann illuminates how reading motivation can change the way children and adolescent develop their future abilities.
HEIG Comatec-Lans

Applied nanosciences provide decorative printing possibilities

Applied nanosciences offer new possibilities for decorative printing and processing, as outlined by Prof. Dr. Silvia Schintke from HEIG-VD-VD/HES-SO Switzerland With the increasing development of 2D and 3D printing technologies, applied nanosciences, in particular functional nanocomposites and all-solution processing techniques have gained novel economic interest. For example, for industrial applications...
wood technology

Boosting innovation in the wood technology sector

Professor Frédéric Pichelin from Bern University of Applied Sciences takes us on a journey to explore the importance of boosting innovation in the wood technology sector by using a multidisciplinary approach In this compelling feature about wood technology, we learn that wood is one of the best materials to develop both multifunctional...
educational systems

Is inequality in educational systems ‘homemade’?

Inequality in educational systems is a complex issue based on interacting mechanisms, write Professor Dr Katharina Maag Merki and colleagues.

What is the importance of mechanical systems?

The University of Applied Sciences’ research group discuss the challenges of mechanical systems and the benefits they bring to everyday life

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