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Pesticides: A contributing factor to the increase in asthma?

Pamela J. Lein at the University of California, Davis discusses the evidence suggesting that pesticides are risk factors for asthma
asthma care in the UK

How using data can transform asthma care in the UK

Kay Boycott, Chief Executive of Asthma UK tells us how using data can transform asthma care today
chronic inflammatory lung diseases

Asthma: Understanding chronic inflammatory lung diseases

Michael Roth, Research group leader at the University & University Hospital Basel explores the current state of chronic inflammatory lung diseases, from the molecular biology perspective
health data

Asthma sufferers willing to share data to improve care and research

A recent report from Asthma UK has shown that nine in ten people (88%), living with asthma in England are in favour of sharing their data to improve NHS services

Do we know the cause of asthma and COPD

Prof Dr Michael Roth (PhD), Research Group Leader Pulmonary Cell Research at the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland explains the extent to which asthma and COPD (smoker’s lung) are the most prevalent chronic inflammatory diseases of the lung, globally
Severe asthma

Severe asthma shows the tip of the iceberg of personalised medicine

Isabel Proaño Gómez, Communications Manager at European Federation of Allergies and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations (EFA) explores the issue of severe asthma and how our understanding of it is evolving
asthma flare-ups

Short-term increases in inhaled steroid doses do not prevent asthma flare-ups in children

New research by the National Institutes of Health challenge common practice of increasing doses at early signs of worsening symptoms in asthma
Pneumology & Pulmonary Cell Research university hospital basel

Where are the new asthma drugs?

Professor Michael Roth from the Department Biomedicine & Pneumology, at the University Hospital Basel, discusses development of medication for asthma and new asthma therapies. Asthma is the most common non-communicable chronic inflammatory disease of the lung worldwide with no cure available. In the 2016 EU Symposium on the Awareness of allergic diseases it...
finnish allergy

The Finnish Allergy Programme 2008-2018: Reducing the burden of allergy in both patients and...

Managing director of the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation, Ilkka Repo explores The Finnish Allergy Programme 2008-2018 and what it sets out to do The Finnish Allergy Programme 2008-2018 was initiated to reduce the burden of allergy in both patients and society. The set-up of the programme was unique....
Innovative Therapies

Developing innovative therapies to treat asthma

Michael Roth from University Hospital Basel & University Basel gives a compelling overview of research into asthma and need to develop innovative therapies to treat the disease Asthma is the most frequent common, non-communicable chronic inflammatory airway disease, which is often misdiagnosed and therefore incorrectly treated, even in industrialised countries...
allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is scary, but health is around the corner

Roberta Savli from EFA provides insight into allergic rhinitis Rhinitis is a very common disorder, far more than just sneezing a couple of days in the year. Allergic rhinitis is a serious chronic respiratory disease that reduces patients’ quality of life and their productivity at work and at school. Despite...
Pneumology & Pulmonary Cell Research

Pneumology & Pulmonary Cell Research

Prof Dr Michael Roth (PhD) at University Hospital Basel looks at pneumology & pulmonary cell research, in this profile of the organisation's research

Europe can lead the way to a cure for asthma

Susanna Palkonen of the European Federation of Allergies and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations underlines research around asthma in Europe today

New biomarkers of lung injury in ARDS

Associate professor at CHU Clermont-Ferrand, Université Clermont Auvergne, Matthieu Jabaudon highlights the hopeful future for ARDS

Asthma: How to treat and prevent the high impact disease

Sereina de Zordo from the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre outlines the global burden of asthma and how through various methods and programmes it can be managed

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