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Eating late at night increases risk of obesity, here’s why

Dieticians regularly warn against eating late at night but why is this and how does it affect body weight? New research reveals all.
US obesity

The US obesity epidemic is severe – who is gaining weight?

It's well-known that there is a US obesity crisis, but data was largely unavailable on the long-term weight gain of US adults - until now.
childhood obesity, calorie intake

Public health interventions necessary to fight childhood obesity

Katharine Jenner, Director of Action on Sugar and Action on Salt, explains how childhood obesity remains a key issue and how junk food prices contribute.
calorie information on menus, obesity strategy

UK law now requires calorie information on menus

The UK government will now fine food businesses £2,500, if they don't put calorie information on menus.
warning images obesity, sugary drinks

Could warning images on products deter childhood obesity?

A study finds that parents are less likely to buy sugary drinks when they have warnings about health on their labels – reducing sugary drink purchases by 17%.
unemployment obesity rates

What social risk factors affect obesity rates?

Risk factors such as living alone, poverty, low level of education and unemployment have all been linked to increased rates of obesity
baby obesity, sweeteners pregnancy

Sweeteners during pregnancy can influence risk of obesity in babies

A new study identifies changes in metabolism in babies when mothers consumed sweeteners during pregnancy, potentially heightening their risk of obesity.
government's campaign, diets of children

UK Government launch child health campaign with NHS Food Scanner App

The UK Government launched a New Better Health campaign for children, with an NHS Food Scanner App for parents to use.
obesity among primary aged children

Serious increase in obesity among primary aged children

The National Child Measurement Programme found obesity rates in primary aged children have increased by 4.5% in two years.
unhealthy high street

Unhealthy high street, healthy children

Rachael Smith, from Tidemill Academy, tells us about the schools initiative to fight the unhealthy high street and improve child obesity rates with physically active learning.
end to obesity

An end to obesity – no longer a pipedream?

Tam Fry FRSA, Chairman of the National Obesity Forum, discusses whether an end to obesity is no longer a pipedream.

Unhealthy food promotion will be restricted in retailers from October 2022

Promotions on food and drinks high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) in retailers will be restricted from October 2022, UK government announces.
obesity prevention

Queen’s Speech addresses key obesity prevention plans

Mhairi Brown, Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Action on Salt and Action on Sugar, ponders the Queen's speech discussing the Government’s commitment to legislate their key obesity prevention plans by 2022.
hospitalised COVID patients, obesity COVID

Study finds 30.8% of hospitalised COVID patients are obese

An international study examined hospitalised COVID patients across 11 countries - finding that obese patients are 73% more likely to need invasive respiratory support.
living with obesity, cardiovascular

45% of people living with obesity have healthy blood pressure

Scientists have discovered that up to 45% of people living with obesity have healthy blood pressure, glucose and lipid levels - protecting them from the risk of cardiovascular disease.
people with obesity, healthy

People with obesity nearly three times as likely to get Type 2 diabetes

New research by the American Heart Association finds that obesity is a factor in almost half of all new cases, with obese individuals significantly more likely to get Type 2 diabetes.

Britain’s obesity plan: The top three ways we can transform our health

Stephen Jones, CEO and Co-Founder at Nourish Fit Food, discusses how Britain's obesity plan will continue to fail unless the concept of health itself is radically redefined.
fight against fat

Obesity focus: A look at Johnson’s fight against fat

Tam Fry FRSA, Chairman of the National Obesity Forum, discusses the beginnings of Boris Johnson's fight against fat.
unhealthy foods

Marketing unhealthy foods to kids

Here, the regulations on the marketing of unhealthy foods to kids are discussed as critical to reducing obesity.
chronic digestive diseases

The importance of the gut microbiome in chronic digestive diseases

Leading digestive health experts and MEP Sarah Wiener address how healthy nutrition, starting from a young age, can help to reduce the risk of chronic digestive diseases and improve the health of our gut microbiome.

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