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Internationalisation of education, science and research in Germany

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research details how their Internationalisation Strategy aims to help meet global challenges by working together

Truth and Reconciliation: What strides have been made?

How are Canadian higher education institutions responding to the truth and reconciliation commission’s calls to action? Brock University’s Dawn Zinga shares

Why you can’t brand a university

Ian Allison, Strategic Creative Director, Instinctif Partners talks about creating an effective university brand and how traditional methods have changed

Highlighting the key Italian research priorities

Open Access Government’s Ciara Ruane details research funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and their key priorities.

Focusing on high quality research in Sweden

Open Access Government’s MF Warrender shares how Education Minister Helene Hellmark Knutsson is ensuring high quality research in Sweden occurs

Creating a highly skilled workforce for the future

Ontario’s Ministry of Education shares why a highly skilled workforce is vital for progression and how this is being encouraged in the province

How can UK universities protect themselves from cybercriminals?

Robert Stoneman, analyst at GlobalData highlights why UK universities are key targets for cybercriminals and how to safeguard from an attack UK universities will find it sobering that over 4,000 Chinese universities and research institutions were also affected by the same piece of ransomware that crippled NHS IT systems last...

Promoting science and higher education in Portugal

Open Access Government highlights how science and higher education in Portugal are helping to turn the country into a knowledge hub for future generations
Teachers are experts in driving social mobility

Teachers are experts in driving social mobility

In a speech, Secretary of State for Education Justine Greening highlights how teachers are inspiring the professionals of the future
Erasmus+ review european university trinity college

The Erasmus+ review: More than a European funding programme

Michael Gaebel, Director of Higher Education Policy at the European University Association, highlights the upcoming European Commission Erasmus+ review The European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme is of major importance for European higher education institutions. Like its predecessors, it provides funding for international staff and student mobility, inter-university cooperation, and wider engagement...

Only a third of students think university is “good value for money”

According to a survey the number of students who think that university is good “value for money” has fallen The Student Academic Experience Survey of 15,000 students shows that only a third of UK students think they get good “value for money” from their university course. The survey also suggests that a...

UK university raises female wages to close pay gap

The University of Essex is to give its female professors a one-off salary hike to close the gender pay gap with their male colleagues The university wants to wipe out the gender pay gap and bring female professor salaries level with their male counterparts. Vice-chancellor Anthony Forster said other steps dedicated to...
pupils character

Schools to receive funding boost to help develop pupils character

A £6 million funding boost aimed at improving pupils character traits such as resilience and respect is now welcoming applications Children and Families Minister Edward Timpson has announced a £6 million fund aimed at developing pupils’ character is now accepting applications. Schools that are using a range of activities aimed at...

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