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bleeding finger after puncture for free hiv test, intimate partner violence

HIV is more likely for women suffering from intimate partner violence

Women who experience recent intimate partner violence are three times more likely to contract HIV in regions like Sub-Saharan Africa.
world health organisation worker in Africa during covid-19

The global picture of Tuberculosis: A view from WHO

Experts Dr Michel Gasana & Dr Frank Lule from World Health Organization – Regional Office for Africa, provide an update on the global picture of Tuberculosis.
Large rash on a man's hand indicating the Monkeypox virus

Keeping up to date with the symptoms of monkeypox

There are important differences in the symptoms of monkeypox between the current outbreak and previous outbreaks in endemic regions.
Scanning electron micrograph of an HIV-infected H9 T cell

Could cutting-edge technology provide a potential HIV cure?

Scientists at AIDS 2022 describe how new technological insights into HIV latent cells could help HIV cure research.
mouse model, cutaneous leishmaniasis, vaccination

Lessons from the mouse model of cutaneous leishmaniasis

Peter Bretscher, from the University of Saskatchewan looks at whether mouse models of cutaneous leishmaniasis are pertinent for vaccination against and treatment of AIDS, infectious diseases, and cancer.
cryptococcal meningitis, liposomal amphotericin B

New treatment for cryptococcal meningitis in people living with HIV

The WHO have new treatment guidelines for cryptococcal meningitis in people living with HIV - a single high dose of liposomal amphotericin B.
woman cured from HIV, dual stem cell transplant

First case of woman cured from HIV, after dual stem-cell transplant

The first ever woman cured from HIV underwent a dual stem-cell transplant, which seems to have made her genetically resistant to HIV and put her cancer into remission.
covid-19 response, hiv pandemic

Global COVID-19 responses could help to end HIV

Global COVID-19 responses could serve as a coordinated approach to end the HIV pandemic - bettering global immunisation to both viruses.
HIV vaccines, mRNA vaccines

Clinical trials begin for three mRNA HIV vaccines

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has launched Phase 1 clinical trials for three mRNA HIV vaccines.
HIV stigma

The life-threatening perseverance of HIV stigma

The stigma, discrimination and lack of understanding around HIV is still persisting even 41 years after the first reported case
highly infectious diseases

Researchers find ‘Hotspot’ for highly infectious diseases

Research published in BMJ Global Health has found a hotspot for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria in a regional corner of Africa.

Third known case of HIV remission after stem cell transplant

After receiving a cord blood stem cell transplant to treat acute myeloid leukaemia a woman with diagnosed HIV has had no detectable levels of HIV for 14 months
sex education pleasure, sti

The key to safe sex education is understanding pleasure

Acknowledging pleasure as a key driver of sexual behaviour has more success in teaching safe sex than traditional sex education – as well as targeting STI/HIV risk reduction.
tb prevention Africa

Tuberculosis prevention efforts in Africa

Dr Michel Gasana & Dr Hugues Lago from WHO - Regional Office for Africa, spoke to OAG about the status of tuberculosis prevention
living with hiv

Men who pay for sex 50% more likely to be living with HIV

A survey, conducted over 20 years in 35 African countries, suggests that one in ten sexually active men are 50% more likely to be living with HIV.
HIV prevention

FDA approves new long-lasting drug for HIV prevention

December saw monumental steps being taken in HIV prevention with the FDA approving their first approval of long-acting HIV prevention medication.
Global health equity

Biomedical research across the globe: Why now is the time to invest in Africa

Dr Glass, Director of the Fogarty International Center, and Director at the NIH, explores the relationship between NIH and the health research community
immunological questions

Contemporary immunology and its relationship to medicine

Peter Bretscher, Professor of Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology at the University of Saskatchewan, explores important immunological questions
hiv risk transgender

The disproportionate risk of HIV amongst the transgender community

A new study estimates HIV disproportionately affects trans feminine women, with 20% of trans feminine individuals being positive with the virus, highlighting the need for prevention efforts and appropriate sex education.
HIV medication women

How can preferred HIV medication disproportionately impact women?

A new study on HIV medication treatment discovered persistent disparities between sex and age, potentially subjecting women to worse HIV treatment outcomes on the drug dolutegravir.

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