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european research projects, powerskin

Driving innovations through European research projects PLURAL, POWERSKIN+ and SWITCH2SAVE

Ing. Zuzana Taťáková M.Sc., Project Manager at FENIX TNT s.r.o., tells us about three European research projects, PLURAL, POWERSKIN+ and SWITCH2SAVE.
climate change adaptation

Nature-based solutions for climate change: OPERANDUM project

Professor Silvana Di Sabatino, tells us about the H2020 funded OPERANDUM project as a nature-based solution for climate change adaptation The OPERANDUM (OPEn-air laboRA-tories for Nature baseD solUtions to Manage hydro-meteorological risks) is a four and half year project funded by the European Commission within the H2020 programme that aims...
methane decomposition

112CO2: Low temperature catalytic methane decomposition for COx-free hydrogen production

Adélio Mendes, Full Professor from University of Porto and coordinator of 112CO2 project, describes the concept of low temperature catalytic methane decomposition for COx-free hydrogen production.
horizon 2020 open access, european commission

Report finds over 80% of Horizon 2020 papers are open access

A report, examining Horizon 2020, found that over 80% of papers published under the scheme have been functionally open access.
smart plastics, liquid crystal elastomers

Smart Plastics: How liquid crystalline elastomers bring automation into materials

Eugene M. Terentjev, Professor of Polymer Physics from the University of Cambridge, describes Smart Plastics, including a radically new polymer system, liquid crystal elastomers and the associated applications.
forest sector

Knowledge and technologies for effective wood procurement

TECH4EFFECT Co-ordinator and Head of Research of Forest and Forest Resources from the NIBIO, Rasmus Astrup explains how timber extraction needs to be improved for greater environmental and production efficiency in the European forest sector.

Energy transitions: Keeping the society on board

Scientific Responsible of PARIS REINFORCE, discusses importance of an honest and inclusive conversation when considering the move to a carbon-free economy.
BRAINE project, edge computing

BRAINE: Big data pRocessing and Artificial Intelligence at the Network Edge

The BRAINE project will help to position Europe at the forefront of the intelligent edge computing field.

ATTRACT: A funding experiment for innovation

Here Professor Sergio Bertolucci, Chair of the ATTRACT R&D&I Committee (IC) continues to discuss the development of Horizon 2020 funded innovation programme ATTRACT.
zero emission waterborne transport, SEA europe

Steering Towards Zero Emission Waterborne Transport in Europe

The SEA Europe Research and Development Affairs Director, Mr. J. Gebraad, analyses how, with the increased demand for waterborne transport, the need to meet decarbonisation targets and ultimately mitigate climate change is more important than ever.
climate neutral europe, BASE

GoSafe with ESI: Investments for a climate neutral Europe

Livia Miethke Morais, Senior Sustainable Energy Finance Specialist at BASE, tells us all about the implementation of GoSafe with ESI to build a climate neutral Europe.
SESAR solutions, royal NLR

Lowering environmental impact: Combining SESAR solutions in an operational environment

Wilfred Rouwhorst, Project Coordinator of PJ.37 ITARO, discusses the importance of boosting SESAR Solutions toward pre-deployment whilst minimising the environmental impact.
European Research & Innovation

Horizon Europe: A new momentum for European Research & Innovation

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth explains why Horizon Europe, the new EU research and innovation programme, will play a crucial role in empowering EU research and innovation to shape a healthy, green and digital future.
waterborne transport, current direct

Current Direct: EU project for swappable container waterborne transport batteries

Shaun White, Technical Project Manager of the Current Direct project, tells us what we need to know about how this research & innovation project will revolutionise how we move goods & people by water.
vegetable crop protection, Inagro

Smart agriculture for innovative vegetable crop protection

Sabien Pollet, Research Leader, Outdoor Vegetables at Inagro and part of SmartProtect H2020, considers smart agriculture for innovative vegetable crop protection.

The impact of technology, digitalisation and automation on mobility and workforce

Professor Pronello presents the WE-TRANSFORM project and the activities of her research group TRIS - Transport Research for Innovation and Sustainability.
habsburgs economic empire, Institute of Political History

To where did Habsburg’s Economic Empire disappear?

Gábor Egry, Director-General at the Institute of Political History and NEPOSTRANS project principal investigator continues to explain the intricacies of the Habsburg Empire.
ice-frost permafrost deposits, arctic research

Geological archives in the Arctic

Ice-rich permafrost deposits will be transformed in large puddles of water in the coming decades, but before this happens, scientists want to collect information to better understand our past and predict our future, as explained by Arthur Monhonval.
europes public transport, hydrogen fuel cell

JIVE: Decarbonising Europe’s public transport one bus at a time

Amy Allsop, Project Assistant at Hydrogen Europe, reveals how hydrogen fuel cell buses offer an effective solution to the challenges of the decarbonisation of public transport.
HIV vaccine, clinical trial HIV

Oxford University launch clinical trial for HIV vaccine

The team will have results to discuss in April, 2022 - they nurse the hope that this HIV vaccine could stop different geographical strains, after 40 years of no cure.

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