EU stops all Horizon Europe funding going to Russia

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Night view of Leningrad Nuclear Plant, Russia © Eugenesergeev

The European Commission has stopped all grants of Horizon Europe funding to Russia – with existing Horizon 2020 payments also suspended

The European Commission have stopped all existing payments of Horizon 2020 funding to Russia, alongside future Horizon Europe grants.

There were no current projects with Russia via the latest EU science and innovation programme, but four grants were in the works to be given to five Russian institutions. These have been “suspended” according to European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriel.

Commissioner Gabriel further doubled down on existing research links with Ukraine.

In a statement on 3 March, she said: “We are strongly committed to ensuring a continued successful participation of Ukraine and Ukrainian entities in Horizon Europe and Euratom Research and Training programmes.”

Russian projects given €14.12 million under Horizon 2020

According to the Horizon 2020 dashboard, Russian projects received €14.12 million funding under atleast 139 grants. This includes The Kurchatov Institute, which received atleast €3.36 million for research on nuclear energy.

It was first created in 1943, under the secret name ‘Laboratory No.2’, as part of efforts to create nuclear weapons. Most existing Soviet era nuclear reactors were created by the Institute.

While the Russian misinformation strategy failed to work across the globe, Ukraine stands at a precarious crossroads. The future of the Ukrainian people relies now on military strategy, the allied actions of other States and the will of President Vladimir Putin.

Sanctions are a key part of the punitive measures that are being deployed across the globe. While some experts have called for a boycott of Russian gas and oil, countries like the US and EU continue to be relatively dependent on this source of energy.

However, the retraction of scientific funding appears to be unanimously definite for decision-making bodies in the EU.

© Puwadol Jaturawutthichai

New funding contracts under Horizon Europe suspended

Horizon Europe, which replaced the former research and innovation funding strategy of Horizon 2020, will no longer give money to projects in Russia. Commissioner Gabriel confirmed that there will be no new contracts “until further notice.”

Horizon 2020 however, was in the middle of project work with atleast 78 Russian institutions. The EU decided to stop payments of these existing grants, which the EU say amount to atleast €12.6 million of EU contributions.

These existing projects are in various stages of completion, while the Horizon Europe funding was stopped before any projects began.

Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President for a Europe fit for the Digital Age, said: “EU research cooperation is based on the respect for the freedoms and rights that underpin excellence and innovation. Russia’s heinous military aggression against Ukraine is an attack against those same values.

“It is therefore time to put an end to our research cooperation with Russia.”


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