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EU European Union flags in front of European Comission building in Background - horizon disagreements

UK to launch formal dispute against the EU over ongoing Horizon disagreements

The UK government is poised to launch formal dispute proceedings against the EU under the claim that Brussels has broken its post-Brexit trade deal.
European Union flag on concrete, broken concept

Ensuring funding stability following Horizon Europe delays

The UK Government has put safeguards in place to protect its researcher's from the potential removal from the Horizon Europe funding programme.
Floating globe art on the water on September 5, 2012 in Amsterdam. The art was made from plastic bottles and other junk collected around the city by Peter Singer.

Horizon Europe: Six European cities piloting solutions for circular waste

European cities are moving towards becoming fully circular – not only recycling all their waste but also changing their production modes to fit circular waste models.
Image of a solar panel reflecting the image of some clouds on a sunny day

Clean tech projects get a €1.8 billion boost through the EU Innovation Fund

In an effort to help bring breakthrough technologies to the market, the EU has chosen to invest €1.8 billion in 16 large-scale innovative clean-tech projects under the third round of awards under the Innovation Fund.
European Innovation Agenda

The Commission’s new European Innovation Agenda

July 2022 saw the European Commission’s attempt to spearhead what is known as the new innovation wave with its ‘European Innovation Agenda” placing it at the forefront of deep-tech innovation and start-ups.

Enhancing waste valorisation for a sustainable industry

The development of more sustainable technologies for energy-intensive industry is imperative to meet ambitious targets by 2050.

The power of micro-coding parent-infant and parent-teen multi-domain behaviours

The MHINT team has developed a fully open access operationally defined manual and observer syntax coding scheme in Observer XT and micro-coding scheme syntax.

Valorisation of industrial CO2 side streams and BIOCON-CO2 H2020

Montse Bosch, Area Manager at Leitat Technological Center, discusses the BIOCON-CO2 H2020 project and its transformation of raw CO2 waste into everyday products.
gasification technology

First Semi-Industrial Demonstration of Novel Gasification Technology for Biofuel Production

The Horizon 2020 project CLARA, coordinated by the Technical University of Darmstadt, investigates a novel gasification technology to provide sustainable second-generation biofuels for the transportation sector in order to move it towards CO2 neutrality.
Autonomous shipping, emissions

The background scenario for Autonomous Shipping

Marco Molica Colella, project coordinator for AUTOSHIP, discusses the EU’s role in autonomous shipping and changing of transport emissions globally.
emotional cities

eMOTIONAL Cities: Mapping cities through the senses of who make them

Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, eMOTIONAL Cities is a 48-month project, with a total budget of nearly €5 million, that is designed to fully characterise the intensity and complexity of urban health challenges and inequalities.
european innovation potential, Pan-european innovation

European innovation potential knows no bounds

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, calls attention to building a pan-European innovation potential ecosystem in health served with top-notch infrastructures.
preventing cardiovascular disease, SPICES project

Preventing cardiovascular disease through implementation and participatory research

Hilde Bastiaens, Principal Investigator and Project Coordinator, and Geofrey Musinguzi, Project Manager of Horizon 2020 funded SPICES reveal why engaging with communities is important in preventing cardiovascular disease.
sanitary napkins, absorbent hygiene products

Sustainable design for absorbent hygiene products

Can single-use absorbent hygiene products gain sustainability? The answer is: Yes. Cagda Biasutti & Dr Stefanie Glathe, from Procter & Gamble explain more.
child mental health, MHINT-ERC

The MHINT-ERC project: Rethinking the role of parenting in child mental health difficulties

The MHINT-ERC project suggests that just because parents are the solution, does not mean they were the cause.
electricity infrastructure

How do we enable energy transition in buildings?

Pavol Bodis, Technical Coordinator at TNO, says that getting energy independent buildings is an EU priority for electricity infrastructures
improving mental wellbeing

Improving mental wellbeing through a healthy diet

Jeanette C. Mostert & Alejandro Arias Vasquez from the Departments of Genetics and Psychiatry at Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen, The Netherlands, lift the lid on improving mental wellbeing through a healthy diet
horizon europe funding, horizon 2020 grant

EU stops all Horizon Europe funding going to Russia

The European Commission has stopped all grants of Horizon Europe funding to Russia - with existing Horizon 2020 payments, involving 78 Russian institutions, also suspended.
child cohort network

EU Child Cohort Network: Harmonised data of 250,000 children & parents

European federated infrastructure and harmonised data of 250,000 children and parents sum up the LifeCycle Project – EU Child Cohort Network
biorecover project

Critical raw materials: The Biorecover project

Pablo Martínez Rodríguez & Cristina Martínez García from CETIM Technological Centre, chart the advances and achievements of the Biorecover project that concerns critical raw materials (CRMs) to benefit the EU economy Critical raw materials (CRMs) are a group of approximately 30 metals, minerals and natural materials of capital importance to...

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