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Group of multiracial international exchange university student friends sitting on the grass in the college campus

What does fewer international students in higher education mean for the UK?

The UK has discussed reducing the amount of dependents students from abroad can have when in university. How will this affect the number of international students in higher education?
Refugee boat arriving on Lesbos Greece

Urges for government to rethink Illegal Migration Bill to protect trafficking victims

Organisations working with vulnerable groups state concerns about the UK’s Illegal Migration Bill, noting the adverse effects it will have on human trafficking.
migrant boats

Home secretary argues the Rwanda deal is “founded on compassion”

Home secretary Suella Braverman continues to push for the Rwanda deal, where all illegal migrants will either be located back to their home countries – or to the central African country.
Woman kisses her boy

Mental health support for refugees & migrants

Fatima Awil, Policy and Knowledge Officer, at Mental Health Europe, argues that mental health support must be given priority as part of a comprehensive approach to well-being for refugees and migrants.
Busy highway to Toronto Downtown. Ontario, Canada

1.5 million immigrants to receive permanent residency in Canada to aid economy

The Canadian government have announced their plan to take in 500,000 immigrants annually under permanent residency schemes – but will this benefit Canada’s economic gap?
Refugees in boat on sea against sunset or sunrise

The vilification of Albanian migrants: is there more than meets the eye?

Albanian migrants, boats, organised crime and blood feuds... what's the real story behind the desperate refugees that flee to the UK?
young person suffering depression and bad mental illness

Time to proactively prioritize mental health

Jackie Mellese, Communication Manager at Mental Health Europe, argues that within the current context of a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), we must prioritize mental health and make it everybody’s business.

Travel chaos at Dover: French border mismanagement or Brexit complications?

There have been significant delays at Dover in recent days, leading to concerns that congestion may continue at the UK border long-term.
health systems, tourism

Better health systems: putting health at the heart of tourism

Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge & Dr Natasha Azzopardi Muscat explain the importance of putting health at the heart of tourism, including a commitment made in this vein by Europe’s smallest countries to better health systems.
rwanda deportation flight, asylum seekers

Rwanda deportation flight cancelled due to ECHR court ruling

Overruling by the ECHR has left the Rwanda deportation flight grounded in the UK, where asylum seekers are to face longer legal challenges with the Home Office.
migrant health, Electronic registration systems

Electronic registration systems can identify migrant health needs

An electronic data registration system can identify migrant health needs across Europe, helping to address the wellbeing of vulnerable populations.
ukrainians with passports , ukrainian refugees

Ukrainians with passports can apply for UK asylum, without biometric details

The UK announced an 'easing' of requirements for Ukrainians with passports, who can apply for asylum online - without in-person biometric details.
300 ukrainian refugees, ukrainian refugees

UK Government accepts just 300 Ukrainian refugees so far 

The UK’s visa process needs to be sped up to grant up to 200,000 refugees from Ukraine – currently, only 300 Ukrainian refugees have been let through.
Ukraine refugees, eu

UK acceptance of Ukrainian refugees comes with conditions

The UK has relaxed policies to allow Ukrainian refugees to safely enter Britain – but why have these policies not matched the generosity of some EU States?
Roma europe

The Roma community in Europe

Jo & Toby Gorniak from Street Factory CIC, with Rosa Cisneros (C-DaRE), shed light on the Roma community in Europe, including its diversity
cultural similarities

Successful adaptation after immigration helped by cultural similarities

Research looking at successful immigration - analysing those who remain in their new locations as opposed to those who leave - finds that cultural similarities play a key role in the decision.
pact on migration

Europe’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum

Gary McIndoe, Managing Director of Latitude Law, examines Europe’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum that faces testing times.

The CHILD-UP project: Encouraging agency in migrant children

In this interview with Professor Claudio Baraldi (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), Project Coordinator of the EU funded project CHILD-UP, we learn about key points related to the project’s approach and implementation.
US muslim ban, healthcare access

Study finds US ‘Muslim ban’ led to decrease in healthcare access

When the controversial US 'Muslim Ban' was signed in 2017, Muslim visits to emergency departments and appointments decreased - highlighting a connection between immigration rhetoric and healthcare access.
asylum dispersal

Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Cabinet agrees to asylum dispersal pilot

Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Cabinet has agreed to take part in a pilot to become an asylum dispersal area.

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