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least stressful city, most stressful city

Research shows Helsinki is least stressful city in the world

According to data on light pollution, LGBT safety and living costs, Helsinki is the least stressful city in the world - with 0% of the population living in poverty.
NHSE sanctions, mermaids

NHSE sanctions limit basic healthcare for young trans people

Lui Asquith, Director of Legal and Policy at Mermaids, dissects new NHSE sanctions placed on young trans people looking for basic healthcare.
same-sex convictions

UK to wipe historical convictions for same-sex sexual activity

The UK government will continue more pardons for people with historical criminal convictions of same-sex consensual sexual activity.
transgender mental health, hormone treatment

Transgender mental health: What age is best to begin hormone treatment?

A new study finds that transgender people who begin hormone treatment in adolescence have better mental health, than those waiting until adulthood.
Research Switzerland

Investing in Switzerland’s researchers and their ideas

Assistant Editor of Open Access Government, investigates how the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is shaping research in Switzerland
hiv risk transgender

The disproportionate risk of HIV amongst the transgender community

A new study estimates HIV disproportionately affects trans feminine women, with 20% of trans feminine individuals being positive with the virus, highlighting the need for prevention efforts and appropriate sex education.
LGBT Business Champion

LGBT Business Champion promotes inclusivity at work

The Government’s LGBT Business Champion, Iain Anderson discusses LGBT inclusion in the workplace, hosting businesses and charities at event in Manchester.
Men's mental health

Men’s mental health and inequalities

Kirsty Mason, copywriter at men’s health company, Numan, discusses mental health inequalities among ethnic minorities, LGBT+ and middle-aged men.
suicide risk disparities, lgbt adults

Study finds suicide risk disparities in LGBT adults

A study identifies suicide risk disparities amongst lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults, with differences based on sexuality, gender, age, and race.
access to prep, HIV epidemic

US study finds social bias can influence access to PrEP

A new study, published in AIDS and Behavior, finds that healthcare providers still have some social bias about who should be given PrEP - the HIV prevention drug.
hate crime awareness, uk hate crime

What protection is there for UK hate crime victims?

In the wake of National Hate Crime Awareness week, it is time to review the policies and safeguards in place to protect those who fall victim to hate crimes.

Is there LGBTQ+ discrimination in STEM academia?

Do LGBTQ+ academics still feel pressured to hide their identity in STEM academia, even in 2021?
Uk healthcare transgender

Is UK healthcare still creating barriers for transgender people?

Despite societal progression and increased LGBTQ+ acceptance, the transgender population still have to jump through hoops to receive healthcare in the UK.

Study reveals transgender people still face increased risk of death

In a study spanning fifty years, researchers reveal that transgender people still face a disproportionate likelihood of death - a likelihood not connected to gender-affirming hormone treatment.
LGBTQ health inequalities, AOA

80% of US medical schools not investigating LGBTQ health inequalities

Research by the American Osteopathic Association finds that 80% of US medical schools are not investigating LGBTQ health inequalities - as they are not collecting the necessary data.
gay men earn less, heterosexual men

Study reveals gay men earn 6.8% less than heterosexual men

This study, published in Journal of Population Economics, found that gay men still earn 6.8% less than heterosexual men - across places in Australia, the US, and EU.
workplace gender equality, women workplace

Study says men have “major influence” on workplace gender equality

The study, published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, finds that men can have major influence on workplace gender equality - if they appear to support women, they can change dynamics of hostility and isolation.
transgender stigma healthcare, transgender and nonbinary

Transgender youth experience “pervasive stigma” in healthcare

In a review of 91 studies across 17 countries, transgender and nonbinary youth were found to deal with "pervasive stigma and discrimination" in healthcare.
LGBTQ nonbinary, trans

Study finds one in four LGBTQ youth identify as nonbinary

According to data from The Trevor Project, one in four LGBTQ youth in the US identify as non-binary - with the majority reporting that they use they/them pronouns.
adverse childhood experience, child trauma

Adverse Childhood Experiences project given £3.8 million funding

The Adverse Childhood Experiences project, led by Professor Kam Bhui and Professor Eunice Ma, aims to create interventions for children who suffer from life-shaping trauma.

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