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African-American man working in a manufacturing facility specializing in metal fabrication. He is wearing safety glasses and a reflective vest, holding a digital tablet as he inspects a large metal object.

Why the manufacturing sector could mitigate the looming recession

The UK’s forthcoming recession is expected to be deeper than originally forecast; could the UK’s manufacturing sector save the nation from a complete recession?
RPA. Robotic process automation concept on virtual screen.

Robotic Process Automation use cases for 5 industries and how to apply them

Robotic Process Automation is being used across multiple sectors, including banking, healthcare, and telecom, and business functions to revolutionise the way we work.
A set of screen-printed electrodes

Making wearable electronics less expensive with screen printing

A breakthrough in screen printing may allow scientists to create the structures that power wearable electronics faster and cheaper than ever.
Honeywell company logo on headquarters building on May 22, 2017 in Prague, Czech republic

Honeywell recognizes high performing Channel Partners at 2022 Honeywell EMEA conference

Honeywell Process Solutions unveiled its Channel Partner award winners at the 2022 Honeywell EMEA conference; here's who won.
Bakery production line with sweet cookies on conveyor belt in confectionery factory workshop, food production manufacturing

Why government must resuscitate the UK food manufacturing industry

Guy Tullberg, Managing Director of The Tracklement Company, explains why a strong supply chain is vital to meeting rising consumer demand and keeping the UK’s food manufacturing sector in business.
computational methods

Contribution of computational methods to catalyst development

Prof Masahiro Kamitani at Kitasato University explains recent contributions of computational analyses in the development of homogeneous catalysts
chemical processes using iron catalysts, rare-earth

Improvements in chemical processes using iron catalysts 

Prof Masahiro Kamitani, Department of Chemistry at Kitasato University, Japan, explains the significance of developing catalysts in the manufacturing industry and improvements made in iron-based chemical processes.
sustainable food manufacturing

Fostering future net-zero with sustainable food manufacturing

James Sopwith, group strategic account director at adi Group, discusses engineering’s part in supporting a smarter, healthier and altogether more sustainable food manufacturing operation.
eu right to repair

EU Right to Repair: Industrial manufacturers need to be held accountable

Augustin Celier, co-founder, Uptime, discusses why industrial manufacturers need to be held equally accountable for fair, open and transparent offerings as the recent EU Right to Repair laws have demanded from our consumer electronics.
advanced manufacturing, economic geography,

Economic geography research: Manufacturing recovery in industrial regions?

Peter Sunley from the University of Southampton investigates the potential of advanced manufacturing for spatial rebalancing in this fascinating economic geography research focus.
china-uk trade, economy

The expected evolution of the China-UK trade relationship

Dr Yu Jie, associate at LSE IDEAS and senior research fellow at Chatham House, dissects the possible evolution of the China-UK trade relationship.
battery cell production,

An initiative to establish battery cell production in Germany and Europe

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Germany describes a European initiative to establish battery cell production in Germany and Europe, which includes comment from the Economic Affairs Minister, Peter Altmaier.
robotic gripper

Adaptive Robotic Gripper: The pathway to Industrial Revolution 4.0 and smart manufacturing

Jen-Yuan (James) Chang, Professor at the Department of Power Mechanical Engineering at the National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, tells us why the Adaptive Robotic Gripper is the route to grasp the wave of Industrial 4.0 and smart manufacturing.
SME manufacturers, Brexit, EU to UK

SME manufacturers moving supplier base from EU to UK

From investment to turnover, recruitment to profits, forecasts are down for UK SME manufacturers as they divert valuable resources to manage Brexit uncertainty, says the national Manufacturing Barometer.

Manufacturing: The strength of innovation in the UK

Simon Edmonds, Deputy Executive Chair and Chief Business Officer, Innovate UK writes about the strength of innovation in the UK when it comes to the manufacturing sector
non-biodegradable materials

Taxing manufacturing businesses on plastic & non-biodegradable materials will fund better recycling

Businesses who use plastic and other non-biodegradable materials should be taxed to slash landfill use, says waste management agency
education options in the UK

Manufacturing and engineering education options in the UK

Mediaworks, on behalf of Omega Plastics, share their expert views on education options in the UK’s manufacturing and engineering sector.

Yorkshire leading the way for manufacturing exports outside of London

Yorkshire has been named the top exporter of manufacturing goods outside of London by UK government
Ledger technology

Blockchain technology used to track and authenticate diamonds

Originally set up for cryptocurrency usage such as Bitcoin, blockchain technology is now being looked at to aid other industries Blockchain acts a shared database across a series of networks which allows information to be distributed to, and accessed by, anyone on the internet. The information is not copied, nor...
irish micro mouldings cleanroom

Irish Micro Mouldings: Breaking the mould for success

Irish Micro Mouldings are specialists in injection moulding, who have become key players in the Irish plastics industry Located just 20 minutes away from Galway City Centre, Irish Micro Mouldings (IMM), are one of the key players in Ireland’s plastics industry. The company has been trading from Galway for just...

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