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infectious diseases in africa

The priorities for tackling infectious diseases in Africa

In this interview, public health specialist Dr Wilfred Alexander Chalamira Nkhoma from the World Health Organization (WHO) Office for the Africa Region speaks to us about the priorities for tackling infectious diseases in Africa, with a particular focus on Tuberculosis (TB) and viral hepatitis.

Nanomaterials: Is there such a thing as nano-risk?

Dr Dimiter Prodanov from IMEC vzw explains if there is such a thing as nano-specific risk in the world of nanomaterials.
Electronic patient record

Can current suppliers survive the coming revolution?

Ethical Healthcare Consulting asks if current suppliers can survive the coming revolution as the company looks to the future of the Electronic Patient Record (EPR).

Climate Hazards Group: Strengthening defences against food insecurity

The Climate Hazards Group contributes to Food Security Outlooks that strengthen food security
cleaving proteins

Health research: The challenge of cleaving proteins in the membrane

Regina Fluhrer from the LMU & DZNE in Munich explains an aspect of health research that concerns how proteases embedded in cellular membranes hydrolyse other proteins and the challenges they must overcome.
cereal production

Meeting the challenges of climate change for dryland cereal production

The effects of climate change threaten food security worldwide. What needs to be done to improve the resilience of vital dryland cereals to more extreme weather?
people with diabetes

Why governments must do more to help people with diabetes and their families

Professor Nam H. Cho, President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) explains why governments across the world could and should do more to help people with diabetes and their families.
Rett syndrome

Rett syndrome: Research on severe neurodevelopmental disorders

Jennifer J. McComas from the University of Minnesota discusses the current evidence for communication intervention for individuals with Rett syndrome
mental health europe

Mental Health Europe explores Europe’s ability to face challenges in mental health

Claudia Marinetti, Director from Mental Health Europe gauges if Europe can meet the emerging challenges around mental health.
recycling project

New recycling project could ensure that no plastic is left behind

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland sheds light on a new recycling project which aims to ensure that no plastic is left behind.
people with asthma

Why thousands of people with asthma could be missing out on life-changing treatment

Asthma UK’s recent report explores the barriers to life-changing treatment for people with uncontrolled asthma, as Joe Farrington-Douglas, Head of Policy and External Affairs at Asthma UK explains.
microbial diversity

Combatting climate change: Microbial diversity and biomass issues in the North

Dr Taina Pennanen and Dr Hannu Fritze from Natural Resources Institute Finland share their thoughts on microbial diversity and biomass issues in the north in terms of combatting climate change in the North of our planet.
national security

Providing a comprehensive response to the UK’s national security

John Wright, Global Director of Public Safety & Justice at Unisys shares his thoughts on how UK government policy helps to provide a comprehensive response to the country’s national security.
gender or age

UK managers feel their gender or age hinders confidence in the workplace

Half of UK managers feel their gender or age has diminished colleagues’ confidence in them and women are five times more likely to feel that their gender hinders confidence in them in the workplace 
chiral amines

Molecular science: The importance of sustainable manufacturing of chiral amines

Francesco Mutti, Professor of Biocatalysis at the University of Amsterdam’s Van’t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS) highlights an aspect of molecular science that concerns the sustainable manufacturing of chiral amines

BRoTHER: A network for digitalisation in biobanking to promote personalised medicine

Christoph Brochhausen(1), Judita Kinkorova(2), Karl-Friedrich Becker(3), Dalibor Valik(4), Ondrej Topolcan(2)detail the marvellous work of BRoTHER, a network for digitalisation in biobanking to promote the use of personalised medicine
machine learning

Machine learning: An unexplored horizon in Arctic science

Joseph Cook, Vice President of the UK Polar Network (UKPN) Committee explores why machine learning is an unexplored horizon in Arctic science.
European Energy Union

Establishing a European Energy Union

Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President, Energy Union at European Commission speaks to Open Access Government about establishing a European Energy Union and the importance of all Europeans having access to secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy
open and fair trade

The EU: The undisputed global leader in open and fair trade

David Martin MEP, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament argues that the EU is now the undisputed global leader in open and fair trade
fruit fly

Why funding fruit fly research is essential for the biomedical sciences

Andreas Prokop, Head of the Manchester Fly Facility, explains how fruit fly research generates knowledge important for understanding many human diseases

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