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men skin cancer

The rise of men with skin cancer: Raising awareness

We spoke to Dr Paul Banwell about the rise of men with skin cancer and how it’s vital to talk about it and raise awareness Dr Paul Banwell is a leading plastic surgeon and highly- regarded expert in skin cancer. He is the Founder and former Head of The Melanoma...

TUBB4A-associated leukodystrophy

Dr Dan Williams, SynaptixBio CEO, discusses the search to find the first treatment for one of the world’s rarest diseases, TUBB4A-associated leukodystrophy
covid-19 infection prevention

COVID-19 infection prevention: Resource-restricted setting focus

Zisis Kozlakidis and Dewi Nur Aisyah, explain the renewed focus on resource-restricted settings when it comes to COVID-19 infection prevention

Innovative smart hydracup to revolutionise hydration within care

Gail Howard, Care Home Manager of Lakeside Nursing and Residential Home, discusses her view on the management of dehydration in care homes.
healthcare artificial intelligence

How do you scale Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare?

Sunny Dosanjh, Director lead for Deloitte’s Healthcare AI and Data team, explores the three key aspects in scaling AI in healthcare.
industrial cloud

Microchips & industrial cloud/edge computing technologies

Johannes Bahrke, European Commission Coordinating Spokesperson for Digital Economy, Research and Innovation spoke to Open Access Government about the next generation of microchips and industrial cloud/edge computing technologies.

Energy transitions: Keeping the society on board

Scientific Responsible of PARIS REINFORCE, discusses importance of an honest and inclusive conversation when considering the move to a carbon-free economy.
public transport

Revolutionising transport & the imperative role of connectivity and 5G

Chris Holmes, Transport Programme Director at West Midlands 5G, explores how connectivity is set to unlock the future of more intelligent and intuitive transport.
eu's fiscal rules

The debate on the future of the EU’s fiscal rules needs more pragmatism!

Reform of the fiscal rules is currently being discussed in a highly ideological fashion in the EU.
food system sustainability

Understanding the different roads to food system sustainability

Executive Director, U.S. Sustainability Alliance navigates the task of global food production sustainability, illustrating there is more than one approach.
pedagogy teaching

Education: Pedagogy of teaching

Rageena Tahir, Head of Education at Fennies Nurseries, tells us what she has learned and what we need to know about the pedagogy of teaching.
covid-19 digital transformation

COVID-19 impact on digital transformation

Tracey Dawes at Reed Talent Solutions and Alison Watson from Arden University, reveal their perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on digital transformation.
global water crisis

Avoiding ‘Day Zero’: A global water crisis

Darío Soto-Abril and Johannes Cullmann, state the world is facing a global water crisis and share their views on what we can do to avoid ‘Day Zero’.
suffering from Long Covid

Long Covid and the implications for employers

Paula Cole, partner at UK law firm TLT, advises what employers need to consider from an employment law perspective when it comes to Long Covid.
drug repositioning

How to compete with COVID-19 with a computer?

Y-h. Taguchi, Professor at Chuo University in Japan, reveals how to compete with COVID-19 by using a computer.
medicolegal death

Shortages in medicolegal death investigation

In the second part of a series of articles, shortages in medicolegal death investigation are placed under the spotlight by Victor W. Weedn, MD, JD, Chief Medical Examiner at Maryland Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.
human industry

Gene editing promises to make human industry sustainable

L. Val Giddings, PhD, Senior Fellow, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, states that gene editing promises to make human industry sustainable*.
technology services 3

Government’s technology procurement: TS3 focus

Simon Payne – Senior Vice President at Proxima argues that the UK Government’s technology procurement is moving in the right direction.
the bioeconomy, glycoscience

Glycoscience: One of the key enablers for the bioeconomy

Aarthi JanakiRaman, Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, argues that glycoscience is one of the key enablers for bioeconomy.
RNA viruses, chapel hill

What is a virus? An exploration for middle school students

Ann Matthysse, Department of Biology, University of North Carolina, explores what exactly a virus is, with a specific focus on RNA viruses and SARS-CoV-2.

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